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c section help


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Hi Tara, if you have weight to lose I guess that's the first step. A VLCD might help if you are comfortable with that approach. If there's excess skin after that then you might need to consider other options. Is there scarring of the skin over the CS site?


Love God; Love People
VLCD = very low calorie diet. Check under food replacement diets on this website. I did the lipotrim total food replacement diet. There are others such as lighter life.


Back on the wagon!
Hi Tara...I had two c-sections and had a big over hang with my first. I then did lipotrim and lost 65lbs which did help....I got pregnant again with my second and my baby is just over 3 months. I am following the low GI plan which is food based diet (there is a support thread on minimins for the diet - its pretty easy plan to follow i think) and have lost a lot of what I gained juring pregnancy. (see ticker) I aslo am doing a 40 minutes exercise each day....15/20 minute walking and the rest tum, bum and thigh exercises focussing on my lower tummy area.....the overhang is slowly going. With a c-section they cut under the muscle so if you focus exercise on this area (plus loosing any excess fat) I am really hopeful of getting a flat tum by Christmas!! Will keep you posted.


Love God; Love People
Hi Bea, what a beautiful baby boy you have. Such a blessing! I'm sure you'll lose the weight gradually. The low GI plan is very good. I decided to go down the Lipotrim route after my 2nd baby was 1 and a half years old (both not born by C/S unlike you and Tara though). I lost the weight and I am now trying to adopt a low GI diet.
Having babies is so wonderful that the weight gain is really nothing as a price to pay -and we know that the weight can be lost anyway!

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