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wondr if any one has any advice for me.
i drink quite a lot of tea and the occaisional coffee. Drink normal tea until around 5pm ish then switch to decaf as i sometimes have trouble sleeping. i usuall drink decaf coffee, but as i say am more of a tea drinker!!

My problem is that i am waking up in the mornings felling really muzzy and headachey. It has occured to me that since caffiene withdrawal can cause headaches, is my teatime switch causing overnight cafiene withdrawal symptoms? and if so would i be better off alternating throughtout the day and still going to decaf in the evenings.
Dont think i could fully switch to decaf as i have to admit i prefer the taste of the real thing!!

HAs anyone else found similar or am i clutching at straws?
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Hmm not sure about tea as coffee was my tipple. I was off it 5 months and was definately sleeping better at night. Am not sure about overnight withdrawl as you don't actually get up in the night craving, kinda like a smoker doesn't crave nicotine while asleep? Sorry I can't be more help.


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It takes 4 hours for the caffeine to leave your system so if you have coffee within 4 hours of going to bed you are likely to not sleep as well.

I used to drink too much caffeine in coffee tea and diet coke. I switched my diet coke intake to a litre on flavoured sparkling water and swapped all but my first cup of the day to green/red tea. I feel so much better for making those switches


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Yes it's usually labelled redbush. There are 4 types of tea and the further up (away from black) the better it is for you and higher in antioxidents:

Black (the common type)
White (not black tea with milk!)

The red is an acquired taste, I get one with vanilla and it's lovely
I have the same type of caffine addiction, maybe I should switch to one of the nice teas you mentioned. My OH loves his coffee tho, so not sure I can do it if I smell his lovely evil coffee...


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I still have one coffee as soon as I get up then more if I am visiting people who drink coffee but I am no longer caffeine dependent like I used to be


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I adore fresh coffee and love being caffeine dependant :clap:


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I adore fresh coffee and love being caffeine dependant :clap:
LMAO and couldn't have said it better myself!!! :8855:

Caffeine is my drug of choice on a daily basis. :gimi::bliss:
I feel better if I drink water instead of coffee, but feel that a mug of coffee is similar to therapy - it makes me feel mentally good, although the more coffee I drink the worse I feel.


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I have a question about caffeine, on Cambridge apparantly decaf counts as part of your water intake and caffeinated doesn't, anyone know why?
BTW I am an espresso fiend, so it plays a big part everyday in our house...mmmm the smell, the grinding, the crema...
Well i'm not on cd but i do know that blac coffee is a diuretic and makes you bodt loose water, not sure but if its the caffiene that does it, could be decaf is therefore better for you??

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