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Callenetics? Anyone got any experience?


Slimming down the aisle
Was reading an article on Callenetics.

Lose Ten Inches In 10 Hours - MSN Life & Style UK

In the article it says... "The effects of each class will usually last around three to four days before the muscles slacken again. All it takes is another session to top it up"

Is it something worth doing? I can't quite tell! So is it basically that you have to keep doing it all the time and it has no permanent effect?

Just wondering if anyone has any experience with it?
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Just read the article Caroline. I'm tempted! What's the DVD and what's it like sbridge?


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Hey, I ordered mine from ebay and I bought the book from amazon; the before and after pictures in the book are amazing. The dvd itself looks really dated but once you get pass that, it's okay. The exercises look simple, but some of them are hard. I haven't done the dvd yet, but plan to start either next week or the week after. You can notice difference within a few hours of completing the dvd x
No going back - I just ordered a dvd from amazon! I'm joining you in this one!


Slimming down the aisle
As soon as I have some money, I might get one too! How much was it?


nearly there!! :)
hey im not sure if she is still round but little red uses these...and ya just gotta look at her pics ta see her amazing losses
i no she loved them!
(hope u dont mind me sayin this little red but u do look FAB! lol :))
As soon as I have some money, I might get one too! How much was it?
I bought 2nd hand. I have done that before and had no problems. With p+p cost just over 4 pounds!


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hiya i used calenetics years ago and it was fab, i bought the 10 week one off ebay for £6 accouple of weeks ago and keep saying i.ll start it, when you girls get yours through would anyone like a group, we can all start together and otivate each other to use it, if you like xx
That's a great idea Claira. Be more fun knowing others are doing it. I have bought 10 years younger in 10 hours. Should be despatched on Monday so may have it Tuesday or Wednesday. I can't wait to try it!


needs a real kick in the
thats the same as me, i will post a thread on monday then for anyone interested, we can have a go then,
caroline have a look on ebay or amazon, see if you can pick one up, it should be worth it, very slow movements, so dont feel out of breath just ache lol xx
I have read up on the website. It doesn't seem to matter which dvd we have. There are specialist ones for targeting certain areas but apparantly it's all contained in the main dvds anyway.


Slimming down the aisle
Anyone know just how hard it is to do?


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It's not strenuous, just requires flexibility but you'll become more flexible when you do it. I bought the book, too, which has images of the transformations.



Slimming down the aisle
My wii fit says I'm pretty flexible, but not sure I believe him!!
Well it was devised by someone with spinal curvatures (scoliosis and swayback), one hip higher than the other, and feet turned inward so severely that she wore leg braces to her waist for seven years of her childhood. She was in a wheelchair and had tried several exercise plans but it always made her worse so she experimented with different exercises and her early ballet training and found that small and precise movements were painless and made her body look and feel better. Her friends noticed her looking good and asked her to teach them. She then wrote a book and her first video was was launched.

Basically men and women of all ages and fitness levels benefit from it and apparantly you will feel the difference in minutes and see really good results after just a few hours!
Oh and I'm NOT on commission! lol
Lol Bubbly. You going to join us too? Got mine on Amazon. Just over 4 pounds inc p+p

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