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    Have looked up my calorie limit on the JUDD website and for my height 5'9" and light exercise three times a week it says i can have 994 calories on a down day and 2839 on an up day. This sounds like an awful to me. If i had three down days and four updays per week i would consume 14338 calories or 2048 cals a day. This does not sound like a diet where i would lose weight at all. Has anyone any experienceof these high calorie counts and losing weight on them. many thanks for a reply.
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    Didn't want to read and run but I have been doing this diet since Monday and have lost 6lb it's a brilliant diet I feel so much more in control. I have been given just short of 2000 cals on my up days and have 500 on my down. I haven't been eating my full 2000 been having around 1500-1700 I also run 3 x week but like you put in light exercise when working my calories out. I am only 5ft 4 so yours will be higher any way. You are supposed to have 500 cals for your first 2 weeks for your down days and the upper calorie limit is for guide only. Just have what you feel comfortable with on your up days you don't have to have all the up calories and see how it goes. I have been using my fitness pal to log my calories Hope this helps a little Good luck X
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