Calories on Menus - Good or Bad?


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Hey All,

I popped into my local Starbucks today, to see they now have calories next to each drink and food item. Eek! Must say, I was a bit scared looking, as I've been getting drinks from Starbucks for years! I remember reading a report from the States that said the introduction of calories on menus actually made people eat 100 calories MORE, on average, than when there were no calories printed. Interesting!

I can't decide whether printing calories are a good thing or not. On a practical level, it's definitely a good thing, and really useful for making choices. These days you can't tell what foods are high or low in calories, as even "innocent" foods like salad can pack in more than sausage and mash! However, we're turning into a country that seems pretty obsessed with calories and dieting, and by the size of us, it doesn't seem to be helping. Food also needs to be about ENJOYMENT and TASTE, not just to freak us out and make us panic how many calories it contains.

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I don't understand how seeing the cals can be a bad thing. It's just information. What you do with it is up to you. I like to see it as I'll generally not eat as much and I kinda think Hmmmmm how much do I REALLY want that fudge cake??? 900cals worth?? Sometimes I have the cake :) sometimes I don't lol.


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I definitely like places that have their calorie info up. Even if it is not in store, at least put it online. Makes it so much easier! And people will still eat there if their food is good!


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I think it's a freaking genius idea! Since I started CCing, I know there's days when I need to 'eat back' 2/3THOUSAND exercise calories....knowing the calorie content is a great thing, from both keeping 'em low, and fuelling me up!


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I definitely think that it should be there, you'd be amazed at how high some things are sometimes. Like 1200 calories for a burger and chips in wetherspoons! People should be able to make informed decisions, like Tina said, sometimes you might still eat that 900 calorie fudge cake but at least it's an informed decision. I don't see how putting the calories on menus could make people eat more calories though!


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I've noticed this happening more and more too... Pizza Hut, Harvester... some places just have the calories on the "light choice" section of the menu which I don't think is a good idea... Prezzo, last time I went had the cals on the lighter choices, so I picked from that. Then looking at the site later, there was better options in the main menu! But that NV information wasn't so readily available..

Im in two minds about it, on one hand I like to be able to check how many cals I'm having but on the other hand I find when I'm out for a special occasion I don't want to be neurotic diet Jenny who dives straight on the lowest option!

But I do like that the information is more available.


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I know what you mean, sometimes you don't want to or need to know. Even if it's not on the menu but, like wetherspoons, they've got a nutritional information leaflet around so that you can look if you want to, or on their website even, then that's fine. Just think that the information needs to be available somewhere.


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I think it's a great idea and helps you make informed choices whether you are being good or not. Not sure if it's just me or not, but if I am having a f**k it day once in a while, knowing the cal content doesn't put me off. If I want that burger I will have it, whether it's got 700kcal written next to it or not.
Just think it's a great tool for everyday life. :)


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I think it's a good idea too, wish sandwich shops etc displayed them too. There's a really nice one across the road from where I work and I love some of the things they do, but have no idea what the calorie content is, so I'm avoiding it otherwise temptation will get the better of me!

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Yep defo a good idea! Its very easy to think the calories of something are lower than you think so to know for definate has to be a good thing :D


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I think its a good idea on the whole, it's great for making good choices :) However sometimes I still go for the cake and then wish I didn't know the calorie content! x


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I agree.. I think its great - definitely puts you in control! I went to New York a few years ago and it was law out there for all menus to have calories on. It helped me make some informed decisions (e.g. salad with my steak... rather than onion rings!!)