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Cambridge and Biopsy

Hmmm No one knows then lol. Sigh.
Hi Hon, I had to have a biopsy last year and didn't really have time to stop CD as I was already in the middle of my diet, I had to have surgery and was put on the cancellation list and had to stop the diet immediately ready for the date and stay off for recovery. I hope that this will not be the same for you but I wanted to help as it was a massive consideration for me at the time. I took a bit of time off but have started CD again recently and all is fine. I hope this helps but don't want to worry you. Best wishes bb x


Back again!!
Hi, in the sole source book (pink one), it says:

Planning surgery?

If a surgical procedure is booked for you during your Cambridge Weight Management Programme, you should notify your counsellor who should suggest a change of Diet Step in good time for your surgery. This is especially true if you are using either Sole Source Programmes.

Hope that helps.


Hi Jax !
You need to move up to the 1200 programme two weeks before your biopsy. After any surgery, you are not usually allowed to resume any CD programme until after 3 months , but your CDC needs to check with the CD Medical Officer, as each individual case is different.
Good luck with the results of your biopsy !


Purple Hugs

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Hi Jack, I'm sorry to read you are having to go for a biopsy, hope it turns out to be benign ((hugs)). I can appreciate the stress this can bring as had a breast lump biopsied and later excised under full biopsy (thankfully it was benign) a few years back.
I was on Atkins at the time, that I had the biopsy and didn't even tell them - never thought too. But before I had the op, I had a pre-op assessment that included a urine test - as it showed Ketones she nearly had a heart attack (the nurse) until I told her I was on atkins! She said she couldn't put me forward for the op till I was clear of them.. so had to re-book the following week and get off the diet. :(

Really hope all turns out ok for you, well done on your CD journey.
Thank you all so much for your replies. Well I have upped to 1200 and come out of ketosis (booooo) but suprisingly doing really well. Spoke to my surgeon and he is fine for this going ahead on Tuesday next week. Am so scared! Anyway, my CDC is on leave until the day I get my results, so will have to wait to tell him, not sure about what happens after but I think ill get the biopsy out the way first then plan. Suprisingly soooo misssing SS lol.

Thank you for your support ill let you know what happens.


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