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cambridge bars.


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well i really couldn't go to the loo before i started the bars, my posts on here were i thought i was gonna die lol...

but since having the bars i've found i can go nearly every day now... but not in the way as though i had taken laxatives, just normally...

they don't half give you wind tho... i only get the cranberry and peanut ones now cos lower calories and the fibre content is higher which will help keep me regular... xxx
Opps:wave_cry: forgot to mention that this morning, they sort of make you go (tee hee).

I just see it as extra weight loss (disgusting I know sorry:rolleyes:)

I try to have the bar at night so I'm at home.


Mrs B

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Hi Abz the bars can have a laxative effect which is why we are only supposed to have one a day. You must be extra sensitive if you only had a third.


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well i've had it all now!! oh god i'm going to die!! mind you. had it over the course of a couple of hours but even so!!

abz xx
hi abz
i dont have the bars for this reason!!
luckily i was at home when i had my experience, dread to think what kind of mess id have been in otherwise!!
personally ive found it easier to just not have them!
stay close to the loo!!


Fab & Fit For Florida
i onyl had one bad experience when i started the bars abz... was sitting on sofa, pumping away, and you can guess what happened next lol

i think my body sort of adjusted to them after that xxx


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oh abz im sorry i couldnt help but giggle when i read your post - this happened to me too, luckily i was at home, but was very sudden!! i found that after a few days everything settled down and i was fine with the bars after that - hope your ok!!!


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i'm fine. just really paranoid!! ha. and it would be funny if it wasn't me!! :p hee.

i am going to the cinema tonight. better hope i don't need to fart...

abz xx


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Yep, it's the polyols in the bars that produce the laxative effect. The main reason not to have more than one a day is the carb content, but the polyols are certainly another compelling reason if you find you're blowing gales... or worse.

Polos and a lot of other sugar-free products have the same effect.

I imagine (though I can't be sure because I can't get to my bars right now) that the peanut ones have fewer polyols. Perhaps they might be the way to go.


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hate peanuts so that is never going to happen, ha. the only time i've ever even come close to something like this happening before (and not that close) was after eating a full bag of thornton's diabetic toffee!! now if i can eat that and not explode immediately i don't know what on earth happened here. although i suppose it's the first solid stuff to go through my system in two weeks so...

no more incidents in any case :)

abz xx


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i thought that someone said that the cranberry and peanut have the same carb content as the shakes??

Lea xx

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