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Hi! I'm day 6 :) I really like the porridge s but I think you either love or hate them, the veg soup is quite nice too not tried any others yet. The chocolate mint shake seems to be a favourite, I'm not really keen but I think I've sickened myself off shakes already! Prefer the ready made ones tbh! X

Denny Different

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Hi, we'll its Day 2 & it's going ok but I'm never off the loo!!! Choc shake is nice and the banana too. Does it get easier once you're in ketosis?


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Denny sorry noone got back to you, days two to four I found were the worst but it's SO much easier in ketosis! If you haven't given up already try to hang in there as I too felt light headed (see your GP if you're nervous about it) but its just your body going into shock with less food.

Going into week three and i feel back to normal, as I did at the end of my first week, and the first weigh in is a great incentive to keep going.

If you have finished though, good luck in the future with whichever plan you decide to go with :)

Denny Different

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Bless you for replying, thanks ever so much. Had lots of support from f&f when I said I was just going to stick to healthy eating & exercise in future.

I've seen some fab success stories & I take my hat off to them, everyone has their own way of doing things.

Best of luck to you all, it's so easy to put the lbs on but it's a struggle getting them off again!! x