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Cambridge restarter

S: 15st2lb G: 11st0lb
Hi everyone
I did cambridge a year ago, stuck to it for 7 weeks went from 15 stone to 12 stone 10 but gave up thinking id lose the last stone at weight watchers..... Never happened and im bk to my starting weight a year later :((((
Saw my consultant today and got all my supplies for starting sole source plus tomorrow :).

Anyone else a restarter or just starting sole source??

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An Attitude of Gratitude


An Attitude of Gratitude
First 3 days were the hardest, even though l had cut back on carbs a couple of days before l restarted. I think it was on day 3 l had a bad migraine, so took tablets which helped. By day 4 it got easier, hunger pangs gone, must have got into ketosis as cambridge breath had well & truely arrived (now stocked up on extra mouthwash & brushing teeth 4 or 5 times a day, l even have a toothbrush & toothpaste in my desk drawer for the days l'm in the office). :D
I've not been feeling well recently with sore ear, sore throat & generally feeling tired, there seems to be a virus going round.
CD is going fine though. By Sat (6 days) l had lost 5lbs. :)

I'm aiming to stay on SS, but l'm also giving myself the option of SS+ incase l'm tempted to stray and go totally off plan. The losses on SS & SS+ are much the same, so SS+ for me especially at weekends might be the way to go.
The main thing for me was to have got into the right frame of mind to restart which l think l have and be totally determined.
I find it really helpful when l have some future date/event to aim for, eg to be a certain weight by my birthday or a party we are going to or something. My husband & l are going to a charity ball in 3 1/2 months time, bought an outfit in the sales which l plan to wear to it (to keep me motivated l've posted a photo of outfit/shoes/handbag in my profile album, it's the blue dress, silver shoes & bag). I have GOT to lose the weight l've regained or the dress will never fit me!

Was yesterday or today your first day back on SS+? How's it going?
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S: 15st2lb G: 11st0lb
Thanks for all the info! Keeo going u will get into that outfit for charity ball!
Today my first day was ok until i just had my 200kcal meal of quorn and broc, feel headachy and fed up now! Drunk 2L of water cant stop weeing lol! Just want the headache/hunger to go!!


An Attitude of Gratitude
Pinkyblonde1, how did today go for you?
S: 15st2lb G: 11st0lb
Day 2 done its gone well!! Feel bit hungry now and had 2 fried eggs for my meal of the day!! Cant wait till i feel no hunger!
hows urs going? Xx


An Attitude of Gratitude
Bet the eggs were yum. Did you dry fry them or use one cal spray or something? On SS+ or 810 l sometimes have poached egg. Having got back on to 100% SS, l'm finding l'm not hungry, l'm still tempted sometimes, but so far managing to resist, but l'm definitely not hungry which makes it easier, am planning on having a SS+ day on Friday - nice to have something to actually eat to look forward to.

Dietwise so far so good - had a CD bar for breakfast, going to have a choc tetra around 2pm, been to the doctor's this morning as l'm feeling awful, thought l had a chest infection, but he says it's a virus, l've to take pain relief (as all the coughing is making my back and chest sore) and rest up until l feel better, he says it's pointless trying to keep going & fight it like l've been trying to do, taken day off working in my husband's business. Doctor says, he's seen a lot of people with similar symptoms recently. Been watching a bit of morning telly this morning, first time in ages, and it's ready meals for OH & kids dinner tonight. :D

Pinky, when's your weigh-in? My next one is on Monday.
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S: 18st2lb C: 17st7lb G: 12st6lb BMI: 34.2 Loss: 0st9lb(3.54%)
Hi guyssssssss :) i am re starting tomorrow! lost 4 stone two years ago and have restarted again and again. I go on holiday in 5 weeks so want neally 2 stone off... is this possible?? i need to try! xxx


An Attitude of Gratitude
Hi DiXie, l'd say go for it, if you're doing SS you should be able to lose about 1 1/2 stone in that time, maybe more, maybe slightly less, as diff people lose weight at diff rates. I've found the first two weeks to have the biggest losses, 3rd week is always low, even sts, which can be disheartening, but 4th & 5th weeks usually make up for it.

Good luck for your restart tomorrow, a month from now you'll be so glad you did.

I'm on my 2nd week of my restart, first weigh-in was 5lb loss, l'd be really pleased if l lost the same again for week 2, for week 3 l'm thinking l'll sts, if l lose something so much the better, if not at least l'm not setting myself up for a disappointment.
S: 15st2lb G: 11st0lb
Sorry you not well Disney, hope u feel better soon!!
You sound like your doing well, iv just done day 3- feel good looking forward to seeing if i dont feel any hunger tomorrow onwards!
Yes weigh in day Monday afternoon!! Cant wait till Monday can you!


An Attitude of Gratitude
Thanks Pinky, l feel quite a bit better today, although ears still sore & l have a bit of a cough, at least l have more energy so can get things done, not working today, so trying to catch up on things round the house. My 14 y o daughter is off school unwell, think she's got the same bug her Dad & l had.

How did your weigh-in go?

I lost 2lb loss :(, according to my scales yesterday it was 3lb!, drank plenty of water yesterday & stuck to SS+, all week l had either been SS or SS+, it's been totm for me, but still hoped for more than 2lb loss for 2nd week of restart. :confused: I'm not disheartened though, l've let that happen before & it put me off & l gave up/regained weight, so l'm staying focused and determined. Really going to make sure l drink plenty of water this week.

Im also a restarter. Done it twice before, the first time I lost 2 and a half stone, and the second I only managed half a stone :(
I've just booked a holiday to Thailand in Feb, and I am determined to be a skinny minny by then! We are going with another couple, and the girl is really thin, so I definately dont want to be the beach whale!! lol
Anyway, Im on day 5... Its not going too badly, as Im now just focusing on weigh in night on Thursday! only 2 more days to go till I start seeing some results :)
Good luck everyone xx

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