Cambridge vs slim and save


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Currently doing cambridge and doing really well and enjoying it. Have just found slim and save and really like the sound of the meal packs (spag Bol etc) also the variety of the shakes and bars. Please could I have opinions on the taste of slim and save products and the comparison to cambridge.

It's best not to go off other people's recommendations as everyone's tastes are different. S&s offer a trial pack of 28 packs which should help you :)


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Hope that you got a chance to try the trial pack. Lots of people prefer the variety on Slim and Save. I haven't personally done Cambridge so I'm afraid I can't give you my opinion. If I was you I'd look at some of the stickies on the Slim and Save forum - lots of people giving their opinions on what the packs taste like and what you can do with them. Good luck!