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Campbell's/Batchelor's low fat soups

The only healthy extra's are those listed on the website and in the book.

The only soups listed are done so because of the nutritional benefits of the soups, not just that they are 'healthy' or low fat.


Got to do it this time
Hi Karen.....

Just looked up soups myself for Lunch and these are my options as a veggi - don' know if it will help you

Covent Garden - 600g - have half (300g) of all the below as one B

Carrot and corriander
Garden plum tomato and basil
Root Vegetable

Weight Watchers 295g can

Country Vegetable
Hearty Vegetable Broth

Just though for quick reference it may help you as it took me 1/2 hour to sift through and find them! lol


Got to do it this time
True :-

Bag of mixed frozen veg - brocoli, carrot etc.
3-4 celery sticks
All boiled up and simmered in veg stock
Blend all together at the end......

Lots of salt and pepper

That one is yummy and really creamy with the potatos......
Thanks for the advice guys
I use the Campbell's soup as sauces for pasta you see, normally I make my own soup.

Never mind, I can just make my own pasta sauce too, tin toms and herbs, fromage frais and salt and pepper etc etc

I'll survive, I was just going for the lazy option

or....I might just go for the lazy option and count it as syns

By the way, Scals thank you so much for going through the "B soups" for me- thats was really helpful
Go for the non-lazy option, but cook loads of it. Freeze the extra in portions and then you'll have syn-free lazy options for the future!
Unless you are veggie - For a quick creamy sauce for pasta (for only 1/2 - 1 syn) use a tin of Tesco Light Choices Chicken in White Sauce. (1 syn for the whole tin). It doesn't have too much flavour in the sauce, but add some dried tarragon (because I'm lazy!), onion, salt and plenty of pepper - or any other herbs/spices that you like.
wow I had no idea that was so low, I love canned chicken in white sauce! I'm definitly buying some of that


Got to do it this time
I am veggie - how annoying! Is the chicken big peices that are easily taken out cause that would be ideal for me!!!!

I use the cambells condensed soup for sauces - I think the mushroom one is 7 syns (the light one) and so spilt into 4 portions (although I do two each lol) it is only just under 2 syns for a really creamy sauce.

Sauces are hard - mine always taste nice but are like water on my pasta or dinner!!!! Same as gravy
A teaspoon of cornflour would thicken it up. Can't remember the syns off hand, but it's not many.

I'm also a massive fan of reduced fat creme fraiche for quick and simple sauces- simply heat or mix into pasta (or whatever) and add the flavours. My favourite is chicken cooked in a little bit of stock with onions, and garlic, add a couple of tablespoons of the creme fraiche & whatever chopped fresh herbs take your fancy & heat until it's all cooked through- yumm!!!


I ♥ Slimming World :)
Can these soups be used as healthy extras do you think?

I had hoped to have half a tin tonight and I don't want to use ANY syns for the rest of the week as I had a blip yesterday, and the day before!
Hiya, I reckon your HEb/soup question has been answered already, but I am concerned you are planning to use no more syns for the week.

If you have had a blip or two (something I can relate to, although I tend to have BLIPS lol) then they can't be undone. But by having NO syns for the rest of the week you are in effect coming off plan! You should have 5-15 syns per day.

I can understand your logic but I am certain it is actually twisted here. For two days off plan you are going to make up for it with MORE days off plan lol.

My recommendation, and they are often ignored I should say lol, is to at least have your minimum of 5 syns per day.

Aside from the fact you would be technically off plan by having none, you wouldn't be able to have sauces/small treats/etc for the rest of the week, which imo is likely to build up resentment toward the plan and you'll be more likely to have another blip, or maybe even a BLIP.

Don't worry about your blips, they are done and dusted and we all have them.

Just continue the week as if you hadn't had them, maybe reduce your syns to the minimum of 5, and if possible do a little more exercise (even walking is fine) than you normally would, and you may even still get a loss on the scales :D
thank you! I took this advice and used 10- oops! lol
but to be completely honest, my syns have still not tallied up to anywhere near what we are allowed in a week so I feel better about that

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