can anyone give me an idea how many points have eaten today?


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i joined ww yesturday, staying at a friends today overnight and forgot my book and all info, grrr - can someone please help me point my daily points for today pretty please x

B: 1 banana on med w/meal toast with spread (marge)
L: 2 crusty rolls, low fat spread and 2 tbsps l/fat philidelphia cheese
D: small chicken kebab, plus 1/2 amt the chicken again from another kebab
Snacks: 2 small skinny lates
Milk : 5 cups tea with skim milk - id guess 3/4 pt milk
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Hard to say really! I'd say around 31 but was the chicken marinated?? Any sauce with the kabab (I know I cant have a chicken kabab without garlic Mayo and chilli sauce) was is chicken breast pieces?? Were your bread rolls w/meal??x