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can anyone help me???


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i their im laura- as some of u may know, i started sw 7 wk ago, and b4 i did i asked my doc for something to helf me-ie(orlistat-zenical) bt she refused to give it to me, 6 wks after i went to see the same doc for another reason and because id lost sum on my own she suggested she put me on zenical( to my supprise)to help me along my way- i was 17st 2.5- im s far at 15st 9.5 and would like to get to 10st)
anyway i took the tablet x3 times a day like the doc said and i actually lost less that i ever have on slimming world only half a pound!!! why is this??????
i dont understand, do you think i should carry on without them>???
laura xxx
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First off you have done so amazingly well, so inspirational!

I'm not a fan of "help" in a diet product sense. Just personal opinion, if you do it by yourself, you have the added satisfaction of knowing you did it 100% by yourself!

I always say whatever works for you, and it's healthy and safe - go for it! However, if they're not appearing to help then is it worth putting a chemical into your body?

It could just be that you were going to loose half a pound this week, with or without the drug, could be one of 100 reasons.

I think it's probably down to personal choice.

Natt xxx
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Im not a fan either, and it just goes to confirm my own feelings towards them that you CAN loose weight better without 'help' .. you have done amazingly well and you should be so proud.. i'd say if you really wanna give them ago then take them as usual for this next week also and see what the result is, if ur still not happy then ditch em and just do sw. you know it works already anyways!

i think you can do it without them all together, u already ahve been and have done so well..

*hugs* x


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I was on 2 different types of pill from the doctor and at the time I thought it was the best idea. I just have one peice of advice, take note of how you feel when you are on them. I became very depressed, cried alot, was a complete misery really. I didn't realise at the time but as soon as I came off them I realised the difference. I'm not saying not to use them, just make sure you look after yourself while you are on them xx


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i was prescribed these and found that i was losing the same,or less weight by taking them than doing sw on its own.i think its because sw is low fat so the tablets dont work as well if say you were eating as you were b4 slimming world.i stopped taking them after a few weeks and kept losing the same or more amount of weight x

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