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Can anyone help with IBS question....?


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I dont know much about IBS but my CDC has a lady who suffers with it badly. Usually she is running to the loo but at the moment she is VERY constipated and hasnt gone for days and days....she cant have Fibre 89 and i think she has tried husks in tablet form but her doctor has advised her not to have loose husk at the moment. I know that almost anything can trigger her IBS but we need to get her to 'go' sometime soon. can anyone advise me of what to suggest to my CDC.....does fizzy water help?
we are getting desperate!!
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Sorry can't help at all .. but didn't want to read and run!! Hope she gets sorted .. I'm having probs too (but not IBS tg) .. can her doc recommend anything??


Need help
Hi ya, :)

I dont know the answer but I would like to know as this is a very common thing. I have a few people with IBS who have improved since being on the diet.

Nick :)


biker babe!
S: 19st1lb C: 11st12lb G: 11st6lb BMI: 26 Loss: 7st3lb(37.83%)
Thanks guys. Her doctor knows about the diet etc but has just reccommended for her to take senokot when she needs to. yet thats not a long term solution which we are looking for.
Hopefully someone will know!!!


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Hmm, I have IBS too and for the last three days (my first four days on CD alone) I have been running to the toilet. I literally didn't want to leave my house. Hoping today is much better.

I have never had serious problems having a bowel movement but by reading this it seems I may have problems soon :cry:. Well, I have senokot in the drawer. I'll be checking up on this thread incase you guys find a solution and I have that problem. :eek:

Alternatively, if I run into that problem and visit the doctor and they give me advice different to the senokot, I will gladly come and share for all my fellow IBS sufferers. :D
Hope this helps!

I have constipation prevalent IBS and have suffered for the past three months terribly. I do the CD sole source and I found that the inulin supplement was wholly incompatible as it caused terrible bloating and colicy stomach. I use movicol, it has absolutely no carbs or fat in it whatsoever so as far as I know it's 'ok'! It is a powder which you add to 125ml water and it is an osmotic laxative so is not habit forming like senna-that stuff is sent direct from the devil himself LOL!! If very badly constipated I take one in the morning and one at night before bed, it works very quickly! In severe constipation you can take up top four for a few days but it'd have to be fairly serious constipation. Anyway, it's available on prescription in boxes of 30 sachets, if you have to pay for 'scripts tell the GP you take two a day so he'll prescribe thirty for the one cost! I am not sure hoe peppermint oil fits with CD but I think it's OK, I take colpermin two tabs x 3 each day and that is ever so good, again it is available on prescription instead of paying £5.50 for 20 from chemist you can get 200 for £6.85 prescription cost!


Hi, i have IBS (Well thats what they think, i am currently having tests at hosp) Before this diet i was terrible with food and couln't stay off the loo. I'm on SS and have been constipated - Don't know which one is worse!!!!! Why can't she take The fibre 89? I have 1/2 to one teaspoon a day or every otherday and this helps. Although had bars this week and have felt horrid! Get my results of my tests in 2 weeks so hopefully i'll have more info on IBS xxx
Did they do blood tests for the IBS or colonoscopy? Mine is dreadful. Apparently a link with candida in the gut, I am going to try some caneston tablets, see if they help. It is very grim, but I'd much much prefer the runs than the stand-stills that I have!!!


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hi i can't take the inulin either Fibre 89 or whatever it is. The most important thing she can do is up her fluid intake maybe try nettle tea as that has a mild laxative effect and when the blockage has cleared maybe with the help of senna or dulcoease or even milk of magnesia then she should maybe try psyllium husk but i cannot stress enough the importance of fluid intake. I had a similar problem last year and stopped the diet altogether. This time around I have made sure that I am drinking between 3 and 5 litres a day and have had no problems even without taking the psyllium hope this helps xxx
I found the fibre 89 was as horrific as the husk, they both give me the most horrendous colicky feeling. Unbearable. I rely on movicol but it's not ideal, not at all!


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ive suffered from chronic IBS for 12 years now and spent a long long time housebound as i was too afraid to go out (things were THAT bad).
I am waiting for a camera investigation as doctor is now suspecting i have inflammatory bowel disease as well.
however, since starting this diet i have suffered from constipation and have tried dulcolax , senokot and fibre89. these didnt help me at all and i actually had to break the diet after waiting for 11 days with no bowel movement and the worlds worst stomach pains. i came off for 1 day and had beans on wholemeal toast which did the trick within an hour. obviously i didnt want to keep having to knock the ketosis on the head in order to go to the toilet so i went back to the doctors.
i know have fybogel (natural, green packet) and it seems to help.
also i recommend the cambridge bars as these tend to help a lot of ppl go to the toilet (often more than they wish)
i do hope she gets sorted soon. i know the pain and it is awful.
Eleven days? Jesus, I'd be climbing the walls!!!!!!!! I resort to habitually overdosing on Movicol.


They did blood tests, the camera (wouldn't advise - was horrible) and a barium meal - find out in 2 weeks, am hoping for IBS as they think could be worse things! :eek:) This diet is great, well on ss at moment and don't get any pain or anything!! Have to eat as of Thurs though!!!
Hope your freind is ok and not in pain!! xxx


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Has she tried liquid paraffin? It's just an oil you buy over the counter, really cheap and the bowel doesn't end up relying on it or anything :) Really effective, when my daughter was really little she had terrible constipation adn thats what we eventually gave her, after trying everything else, and we never looked back, fantastic. Tell her to speak to her chemist about it as sometimes you should try maybe 5ml first and play around with it till you get it right, everyone is different and needs differing amounts.

Hope that helps :)