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can anyone put in english this bmi/weight printout for me pls?


overworked underpaid mum!
righty, had my weight ami bmi and body fat done today at the pool, and some of it makes sense, some does not. figured i would do this once a month maybe to see how i am getting on.

here goes...

weight 12st 9lbs (i understand that!)
height 5'8 (i understand that too go me!lol)
bmi 26.8 (yep stilling getting it)

body fat 24.0% (eh?)
body fat mass 19.2kg (again erm wtf?)

no idea what the last two mean. anyone shine a light. don't tell me i am fat. i kinda guessed that! ;)
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Will try my best.

Every one has a level of fat within their body, even the skinny mins. The machine has sent a small current through your body and timed how long it took to get to the other side, (no chicken puns). So that's the first fat result.

The second one is what that percentage around your body actually makes up in a physical weight (if you were to scrape it all off and put it on the scale).

Don't get too hung up on it tho, cos I don't think it's an exact science. When I was about 10st my fat % was something daft like 35%, and when I'd lost 4lb it went up to 41%. when I asked the personal trainer about it she told me just to ignore it.

64lb to lose. WI 1-4: -18.5. WI5, -2. 42lbs to go


overworked underpaid mum!
ah that's cool. thankyou! i just had no idea what it might have meant see. thinking of having the super weigh in once a month or so. see how i measure up on proper scales

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