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Can anyone recomend control wear, girdle or corset please!


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obviously spanx are the main ones everyone goes for but i believe they are quite pricey. Debenhams have an excellent range for all different areas from just your waist to almost full body etc. So good to have the choice! I have got some trinny and susannahs (also quite pricey) but I stick to my debenhams as I can hardly get my trinny & susies off to go to the loo!
Hi salachi

I should get commission from QVC, but you could take a look at their slim n' lift range which I have found to be very good. Customers add their own reviews so you get an honest appraisal.
There is a strange girl who does quite a few reviews, often for sparkly clothes, jewellery, teddy bears etc also called Blingbabe, could be the one and same?! lol
thanks blingbabe if its the same blingbabe then i should surely be demanding a discount :D. just a little question where would i find qvc online or teleshopping.
Marks and spencers do a wide range, and they are not to expensive x x
I think Matalan do a range too. They'll definitely be a reasonable price, but I don't know how good they are. Think they are their version of spanx.


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I'm a massive fan of my Esbelt 'Waist Cincher' slimming corset! It is amazingly comfy, keeps everything in place, improves your posture and doesn't have that 'roll down' effect when you bed over. It was quite expensive, think I paid about £50 online but sooo worth it. At my biggest, it took 9 inches off my flabby post-baby tummy when I wore it- AMAZING!


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I tried the Trinny and Susannah body stocking thing before my wedding. OMGoodness! One step to quick and you feel like it will catapult you into next week. Lovely slim waist mind, but huge armpits (has to go somewhere I suppose). Joking apart, try Matalan or M&S, I got something akin to carpet burn trying the get the Trinny version off in a hurry to go to the loo! Good luck. Tx
Hi salchichi

It would be qvc online. However, the idea of actually going into a department store sounds better (unless you lived in a rural setting that made shopping difficult) as you can examine the products in more detail, I think qvc suits me once I have become familiar with a brand.

They are very useful and a good confidence booster, happy retail therapy!

Pandora Ghengis

forgive the silly name
it depends what you're going for!

my favourite spanx style underwear - i like the high waisted shorts for under slinky dresses - is from john lewis, believe it or not, for only £12. i find it easier to roll it down to pee than i do using the weird spanx gusset hole, which is the only 'advantage' my spanx shapewear has. i bought the expensive spanx cos i thought it would be better - apparently not, it's thicker, rolls down painfully at the top even with the special bra hooks, and the 'shorts' are too long. john lewis is perfect.

favourite waist cincher is rago, they have ones with six strap suspenders so they are really quite sexy as shapewear goes! great for wearing under an outfit where the lace won't show - and no reason to hide it! gives a great shape, but you have to pick one your exact size, no smaller.

as for show-stopping corsets i do own a few. they're great for pulling your waist in up to 5 inches!
some of mine are vollers which are very well made, but you really have to try them on for fit as people are very different shapes. the vollers are very well made but not quite right for my shape :(.

my favourite corsets: i have a great underbust corset from 'playgirl'
and also a wonderful high cut/long overbust from an ebay seller called little missy choo choo's!
thanks for all ur suggestions and recomendation. i find it very difficult to choose this shapewears because of my apple shape and i always end up cofused or angry coz it doesnt look right. i dont know if there is anyone who like me is carrying excess weight in the stomach. which one would best suit my shape?
Evans do one that is soft and really nice it goes right up to under your boobs.

Pandora Ghengis

forgive the silly name
That black and pink Rago waist cincher is lovely Pandora, I want it!

My h2b just bought me a new Esbelt with a zipper, but I got my original hook and eye one from The Magic Knicker Shop It is perfect for everyday use, incredibly robust and REALLY slims your waist. Supposidly improves your posture too... not sure how true that is though. I've had mine since April 2008 and its still like new even worn every other day. Gok Wan uses them for most of the apple ladies that go on 'How to look good naked'

Stolen that picture from the website but I don't think it shows just how good they are. Its on sale now too :D
thanks lisa,
i'v googled it online and i like what i saw/ read. just wanted to know where d'yu buy yours? i think it might be the winner :D


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