Can anyone recommend....


a good self-help book that would cover sef-awareness/self esteem/self control or something along them lines??? or a number of books if thats the case??

i went looking yesterday and then decided i'd wait until i got maybe a bit of direction.... anyone read anything that helped them i'd be delighted to hear!!

thanks a mill

Gen xx
sorry I can't help, but I thought your post was looking lonely!

a little further down this board there are a couple of threads recommending books, but i'm not sure they are what you want.

Why not try the library? that way you haven't paid for a book that ends up rubbish, and if you find one you think you'll want to refer to again and again, then you can buy it.

happy searching!

ah thanks guys... i'll give the library a go... never think of that to be honest!!


Gen xx

I found this book to be excellent and it helped me so much:

You Can Heal Your Life by Louise L. Hay