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Can diet drinks make you fat?


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wow read that article, really shocked me!


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I can't access the link anymore but I'm really interested in reading it. My friend who I share this journey with, is a fan of Diet Coke. So are you guys saying that diet drinks will make us gain more weight? uh-oh, i thought that they'd prevent us from gaining as compared to the classic or regular sodas. :confused:
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I have played around with this theory went "cold turkey" felt no bad symptoms - no withdrawls. Even when I was months off it. I also lost no further weight.
I have drank diet cola when I was at ideal weight and off it. I would say peoples reaction to diet drinks vary, and furthermore there was a lack of scientific citing for this article to make it anything more substantial than to the woman herself.


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Everybody is different! I think a lot of it depends on how much you actually drink, how fast your metabolism is whether or not you drink a lot of other caffeinated drinks!
It's different for everyone! But there is a lot of research out there if you look for it both for and against!
Like water some research says if your urine is yellow your dehydrated I read somewhere recently that said this was bunkum.
If on stopping with diet cokes you get a reaction I'd stay stay off it! If you have no reaction and you drink a few cans + a day then you're very lucky!
But I think it's more a personal reaction than a general one. Why do some people get addicted to smoking and others never bother etc etc.
The information out there is for us to read judge and decide for ourselves!
You're supposed to have limited salt in your diet ~ I have a child who has to have salt or he gets dizzy spells! We're all different and react to things differently
Life and all it's little oddities!
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I read that using sweeteners will only increase your sugar cravings, also majority of sweeteners produce formaldehyde in you body (aspertame is mainly the culprit). Drinking fizzy also depletes calcium from your body, so if there is osteoporosis in the family, you have to be careful.
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Im a diet coke addict ATM, since having my baby 18 weeks ago I need something to perk me up from my zombie like state. At first I was knocking back lucozade daily. Then I joined WW and realised how many points were in a bottle and converted to 0 points diet coke. I have a can a day sometimes 2, thought I was being 'healthy' till I read this thread lol will definitely be cutting back from now
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I am totally addicted to diet coke and drink up to two litres a day some times and have done throughtout my 48 pound weight loss so far! As well as before so maybe my body used to it, I think it deffinately depends on the individual and i just make sure i dont drink it on weigh day lol x

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