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Step 1 Sole Source Can exercise knock you out of ketosis


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Ketosis is starvation mode. If anything, it will take you deeper into it. But you need to be careful as when in ketosis your body has to convert stored energy to useable energy which takes longer than using food consumed. So if your body can't convert it quick enough it will leave you very light headed and you may possibly even faint. So best to start off light and often, rather than one big session.

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Ketosis is starvation mode.

Mmm, not exactly, cos there's no such thing as starvation mode. And you could easily be in ketosis and be extremely well nourished, for example if you were doing a low carb diet.

While you've got plenty of fat to burn your body isn't going to behave as though it's starving - cos it isn't, it can burn excess fat. It's only when you haven't got as much fat to burn that you're at risk of losing lean muscle mass in the absence of enough calories. That's why you need to move up to 810 when you reach a BMI of 25.0.

But Becks is right in that in the early days of ketosis your body might not be able to convert fat into energy fast enough - it takes at least three weeks to adapt to ketosis. That's one of the reasons why strenuous exercise isn't recommended in the early days of this diet. But people can and do run marathons in a state of ketosis (think you might need more than 450 calories worth of low carb food if you were planning that, though. :)).

VLCDs are more about calorie deficit than ketosis anyway. On any diet there will be a reduction in metabolic rate but on a VLCD it doesn't really apply because the calorie intake is so low - you can't help but lose weight.

So, to cut to the chase, exercise won't take you out of ketosis. But there is a risk it might make you hungry, so be careful not to overdo it and leave yourself vulnerable to a raid on the fridge.

Finally, if you're hoping exercise will speed up your losses, be aware it doesn't seem to work that way on a VLCD. Exercise for fitness, not increased weight loss.
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Thanks lily I'm not bothered about losing weight faster, but I would like to tone up and lose some wobble faster lol

I went for a very small walk today with my son, he was cycling so I had to run to catch up with him a few times then I brought the kids to the park on their bikes i must stress nothing too straining, however I am starving now so so so hungry, so I agree with what everyone says re: it does make you hungrier,