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  1. sunnypip

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    I started LL a few weeks ago, was a bit dissapointed by a 5lb loss.Anyway i had some family problems and didn't stick to it...i could kick myself now.

    Anyway my lovely ll counsellor has agreed for me to come back tomorrow and start a new group.

    My dilemma is....i have just been promoted at work and my new job is more intense and i will need my wits about me.
    I am frightened that whilst i am on ll i will be so tired and therefore not be able to concentrate at work and this will result in a really bad impression of myself being made.

    Just want your advice and experiences of tiredness etc.

    Thank you all for you help (she hopes:)) and well done to all of you for your great losses.
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  3. Corey

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    I had no problem with tiredness, to be honest I was more alert when I was abstaining - it is only now that I am on Route to Management that I can drop off at at a moments notice.

    What was your experience the first time round? You mentioned that you were on LL for a few weeks? Were you tired then? Whether you were or not during that time - you'll find you will probably have the same experiences this time round.
  4. Tange

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    I am the same as Corey so much so that even my boss commented on the speed at which things happened.
    Generally I am bouncing off the walls with energy.

    All the best of luck with the restart and the new job.
  5. Blonde Logic

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    I was only tired one or two days in the first week or so. SInce then, feel FAB all day, every day.

    Good luck!
  6. toller-girl

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    was Lighter Life, now Cambridge Diet
    Agree with the others, it's the first few days that are tricky.

    Why not book a few days off, start on a Saturday, and then by the time you're back at work you'll be in ketosis and feeling great.

    Don't be put off by a 5lb loss either, my first loss was 5lbs, I'm 4 stone down and am now at a healthy BMI.

    Sometimes I felt my losses were slower than other peoples in my group which got me down, but it did come off and that's what matters.

    Good luck, and congratulations on your promotion :D
  7. mikey

    mikey Silver Member

    I agree with all the others too - lots of focus - lots of energy. Good Luck!
  8. Jellybabie

    Jellybabie Full Member

    i also had a 5lbs loss my 1st week last time and was slightly dissapointed, and i DID stick to it 100%, but the following week was 5.5lbs and the week after i was happy not to lose 2lbs a week like some of the others who got a bigger loss in their 1st week.
    good luck
  9. roxys-house

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    Lighter life
    I had loads of energy and felt a loy more alert and my memeory was better whilst in abstinence and I slept really well at night. The weight loss could just depend on where you are in your cycle as i was told this can effect it. Don't get down or worried you will be fine in your new job and well done on the promotion you can look at this as a whole new begining
  10. healpro

    healpro Full Member

    I'm with the others - NEVER felt tired at work whilst on LL

  11. sunnypip

    sunnypip Member

    Thank you all for you replies and advice, it was very much appreciated.
    Wel, i have decided to give myself 6 weeks to get into the swing of things and then i am going to join anew LL class with the same counsellor.

    I don't know if this is the best thing to do but it makes sense in my head (if you know what i mean)

    In the meantime i a going to eat healthily and try and lose some more weight before i start.

    Good luck to you all and keep losing.
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