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can i ask...


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Hi sweet,

i think most of the ladies who are on here were on some variation of a VLCD - i personally had just come off Lipotrim..

I wasnt trying to get pregnant whilst dieting - but to be hoenst weighed that much when i started i dont think i could have gotten pregnant anyway...

I lost nearly 4 stone doign Lipotrim - came off it in the march and fell pregnant in the May!

Alot of the girlies ahve a similar story - some having to come off their SS as they found out they were expecting...

I personally dont think i would be pregnant now if it wasnt for loosing alot of weight - most of which needs to come off again!

Good luck with your diet and trying to conceive, and hope to see you on here if you are trying to get pregnant!



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I was doing Cambridge til the day I got my BFP, wasn't anywhere near goal and wouldn't have got pregnant without losing the weight. My periods were all over the place before dieting and once I started Cambridge each month my periods became more frequent and on the 5th month I conceived :)


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Freefalling the cd deffo helped me fall pg, i lost nearly 6 stone and found out i was pg.. sadly it wasnt meant to be.. so when i started back on the diet again i fell 4 weeks later x

I'm back on it now as i have my brothers wedding in June and im doing bridesmaid, just hoping it dont happen again till atleast after the wedding lol

Oh forgot to mention, i have PCOS and have no periods & dont ovulate x
hi there, thanks for taking the time to answer. I really hope i am telling you all about my BFP soon - not that we're trying yet. Waiting till summer, by then i will be at about BMI 30 (by my spreadsheet calculations, haha!)

congratulations on your baby oisin x

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Good luck TTC :)
I tried all the way through.. as had been trying for 8 years. It wasn't solely weight related for me, I'm convinced the change it made in my cycle helped matters along.
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I messed around on cd, didnt really stick to it. every week was going to be the week i started. But never did. so didnt actually lose any weight on it. I had the coil removed in the march, had a period in the april and was pregnant right away. SO its not always true what they say about heavy women finding it hard to conceive

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