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Can I ask.....

I get my husband to cook for himself, which isn't good, as he makes fab food and makes me jealous!


Oh how wonderful! If I left mine to his own devices he'd have chips, chips and more chips with a different pie to vary it each night! LOL


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if hes one for quick food.. why not get in some healthy ready meals..? or get salads and meat..

hehe.. i dont know..

x x
I make James cook his own at the moment, or give him what I make the kids. I'm hoping it will get easier!


I will get to goal .....

I cook OH whatever he wants!!! It really doesn't bother me what he's eating. I just think about all the carbs/fats etc in everything and conclude that I wouldn't want it anyways!!
well my oh was also getting takeaways and eating loads of junk so a few weeks ago i spent a morning making batches of spag bol/ shepherds pie (mince only...) and chilli.
bagged it up and froze it all.
now i just take one out every now and then and cook the rest ie pasta/ rice or mashed potato and it saves me cooking a meal for one every night.
i recommend it as it means i dont need to go in kitchen every night.
he also has l/f ready meals and salad/veg.

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I usually chuck something in the slow cooker in the morning so it's ready when he gets home. That way I don't really have to cook and he's still getting good food. Otherwise if I'm cooking I cook the usual amounts and freeze "my" half so he can bung it in the micro at a later date.
I bought mine a ramsey cook book. We both love kitchen nightmares, so he had a look and loved it. He made a lamb hotpot once and he decided he was going to cook every night.

He's quite good really, but then i suppose who am i to criticise what he eats? He's an adult, and he can see how miserable i am being fat - it should be enough to put him off greasy fatty food.

Ooooh, mini rant there - men eh xx


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Shepherds pie - easy to cook in advance and re-heat - also spag bol same as.... There are some great ready meal curry's available stick a naan with it, sorted!

It has to be quick and easy for you and also needs to be simple enough for him to deal with 'should you not anna bother'....

I also do sausage, mash and peas which is easy as well xxxxx
I actually love cooking for my Oh and kids when I'm on this diet - and thay get healthy meals - better than when I'm eating (???) I also use my slo-cooker a lot, make a mince base and one day it's sheppherds pie, next it's spag bol.
I do quick cooking when on CD. Spag bog, pasta, curry with a ready sauce. If OH is away, the kids have pizza/pasta. Then I'll have a mental overhaul and do everything from scratch and make cakes and everything! Sad or what?
My other half is trying to each healthily and has lost about a stone since I've been on CD. He takes soup to work, either what I've made with loads of veg and pulses, or leftovers of what I cook the night before, or covent garden soups (the non creamy ones).

When I was on AAM he would have chicken or fish with me and then more of the veg and maybe a couple of new potatoes, or sweet potato mash. He also loves Chilli so I've made chillis and stuck leftovers in the freezer. I've also got the bread machine out and have started making fresh bread again.

I also cook a free range chicken once a week and use the leftovers to make chicken soup.....He thinks he's in heaven as I could never be bothered with cooking :D.

I cook as normal but I do stuff for the freezer as well in case there are any days when I don't feel like cooking. None of us like ready meals or bought burgers so the freezer is my friend :D

I make a menu and a shopping list out each week so I don't have to spend time each day wondering what to feed them and they know what they're having and when - no arguments from the kids that way!
my hubby is cooking fr himself at moment or goes to his mother which he loves, but if i was u just let him eat what he wants he ll either get fat or sick of it thats what i do when im on a diet my hubby eventual starts eating better after a while lol ashley xx
When I'm on CD I'm a right food perv!!! I cook gorgeous meals for my husband, and I ask him how the food was after he has eaten it!!
I don't know whats wrong with me!! I love to watch him eat and enjoy food!!!
Oh dear, thank God he doesn't have any weight problems ( at least not yet - if I carry on stuffing him he will!!!)
Anyone else love to see others enjoying food!!

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