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Total Solution Can i do it? Yes i can

Hello All
I started Exante TS after weeks of weighing up the pros and cons of numerous diets.
I lurked on here and read your highs and lows, and it really spurred me on to take the challenge.
So i ordered a variety pack, because for me the taste of food is everything.  And i started on Monday 21/11/2011.
The first product i tried and had for breakfast was a toffee nut raisin bar, and as soon as i took the first bite i thought i'm going to fail at this and then thought thank goodness i only ordered the variety pack. Lunch was vanilla shake - which i quite enjoyed and dinner was mushroom soup, again I enjoyed. Copius amounts of water (well 2 litres but that is a massive jump for me) and day 1 was done and dusted.
Day 2 choc orange bar for breakfast (not so bad), Strawberry shake for lunch (yum). Then I decided to try the tomato and basil soup…hmm the jury is till out on that one as I loaded it with quite a bit of tabasco. Day 2 complete
Day 3 - OMG - Cravings Cravings Cravings, breakfast toffee nut raisin bar again - which I wolfed down because I was so hungry. Lunch a banana shake (bit disappointed but maybe this is because I was comparing it to a McDonald's Banana Milkshake - my ex favourite!). Dinner Thai Chicken Soup (ok). But DD1 was up during the night with a temperature and I swear that Family Circle tub of biscuits was calling my name - I am so surprised that I didn't give in and I have to credit my resiliance to this forum and the success stories that I've been reading - it can be done.
Day 4 started to feel more energetic, walked up the escalators, but feeling a tad guilty for not incorporating any excercise as recommended by Exante (little steps)
I was so loooking forward to my cereal bar! Chocolate Orange again.
Lunch was a Strawberry shake - I have yet to try the chocolate because I'm not a big chocolate lover but may try it hot as suggested.
And day 4 I had my first Coke Zero!
Dinner - Vegetable soup. So having tried all the soups, i think mushroom and vegetable are my favourite.
So I'd like to join you on this journey if I may, oh and I've just purchased my bumper pack.​
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Hi Junebaby :) I enjoyed reading how you're doing so far - you seem like you're coping brilliantly. You're a stronger person than i am when it came to the biscuits, i can't have anything yummy in the house at the moment! I have two children, ages 1 and 3 and anything they have that's like a 'treat' is bought on demand, so there's no temptation!

Looking forward to reading your diary and seeing how you get on x
Hi and well done on a fantastic start :D You have done the hardest bit so it should start to get a bit easier. I'm on day 21 of TS and I find I'm no longer that hungry. In fact I feel fantastic :D I've got into a nice routine with my shake, bar, soup and plenty of water - dare I say it feels normal. Stick with it, you can do it :D I'll look forward to watching your progress.
Thanks for the welcome Steph and Hazel, but I don't know how long this willpower is going to hold out for this season, I have a Christmas lunch next Friday, a break for a week and then 2 the following week plus a Christmas party. Not to mention the huge tubs of chocolate that are on offer and my colleagues insist on bringing in. I know others have the same dilemma so I'll be watching the threads to get some tips and tricks! What I will say is that I'm not physically hungry, so no tummy grumbles, low blood sugar etc but mentally I'm craving everything.


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The cravings go eventually... It is odd but when you have been on it for a few weeks 100% food doesn't taste the same as it did before and I found that I had a lot more self control when I took two weeks out - I was more aware of everything I was eating ;) I hope it will be the same for christmas!!

Good luck, you are doing really well :)
First weigh on Monday and i lost 10lbs :D
So happy.
All those who said day 3 and 6 were bad - oh my gosh you were so right. I was literally climbing the walls trying to resist food.
Thank you to everyone who said that the hunger would pass - its amazing to notice the difference between physical hunger and cravings based on boredom, emotions, anger, happiness.
I've also noticed how big the portions are that i give to my toddler, no doubt i am mentally saying one for DD two for mummy as i dish out the portions :rolleyes:
Fantastic first week loss, well done :) It really makes you think about portion size and eating when you shouldn't doesn't it! I've also cut down my toddler's portion sizes recently, and when i have eaten i've really eaten much less, we don't need half as much food as we think we do! x

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