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Can I do this???


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I have got into the habit of treating myself to a chinese at the weekends and always have the same thing.

Spring roll (online says 7 syns for a 60g so I'll double it as I'm unsure how much they weigh) 14 syns
prawn toast x 6 - 21 syns
chow mein - (online says 7 for 380g so again i'll double it and weigh it sat) 14 syns
1 pot sweet and sour (1 syn per tbsp - it's a foam cup so estimate 15) 15 syns

all this adds up to 64 syns. If I take my weekly syns and take this figure off and divide it by 6. I'm left with about 8 syns a day.

Am I allowed to do this - if so would u recommend it?
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I use my syns weekly, rather than daily so some days I'll have 30 and others only 5. I always have a curry in the week, though I have started to have boiled rice with it rather than pilau so that I am better prepared for 'good habits' when I have lost the weight - an to be honest, I haven't missed it!


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Yea as the others have said is fine to use them like that. But dont think your left with 8 a day??
15 x 7 = 105 weekly syns
- 64 for chinese
=41 remaining
41/6 =6.8 a day left

I know its only a little different, but all those extra 1.2 syns are gonna add up.


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Ok thanks!! I'm going to weigh it Saturday so I can be more accurate
They say between 5-15 a day, so you could have between 35 and 105 which is a huge difference.

Ive got a big bar of chocolate here, that is my WI treat night and i cant even eat it cos its making me feel sicky! Cos ive not eaten it all week! *laughs* So i think im not gonna eat anymore - and thats where my syns normally are x

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