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Can i join you please?

Hi everyone,

I am now on day 11 on cd and am ss 100%! I have been reading and joined a few days ago but thought i'd take the plunge and start posting lol!

I lost 7lb on my first weigh in and will be weighed again next thursday and then my cdc goes on her hols for two weeks..eeekk! I have already brought amonths worth so am all prepared. I am enjoying the shakes and am looking forward to getting to about 9st7..i am 5ft 2.

Can i ask how you all do your signatures and how come i can't look at piccies yet? MiniMims is such a huge site but i shall mainly be sticking to the cd threads as thats obv what i a mo doing and the support and inspiration is great. I find cd can be quite lonely as food plays such a major part but i am proud of how i am doing so far!

Hopefully i shall get to know you all soon xxx
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Hey Poppy,
You should be so proud of yourself for getting to day 11. Well done on your first loss, that's great. You will be there in no time. You can only see pictures when you have reached 50 posts, so keep posting and you'll be there in no time. To edit your signature, go to User CP and click on edit signature and go from there.

See you around the boards x

mrs bee

doesn't like the rain!
Well done Poppy ur doing fab!

YOu have to have made a certain amount of posts to be able to access some things on this site such as piccys, so carry on posting and the secret world will open up for you!!
Hi, thanks for the welcome. I have just been playing with signatures. I did a ticker that will hopefully show up in a mo but when i went to do goals etc it said i couldn't have more than 350 characters? Is all the goals and week countdowns in a seperate bit..and not called signature? Sorry for being thick, i am normally good at this kind of thing but this is a little confusing lol!


Cambridge Consultant
Hey Poppy
Just want to say welcome and good luck on your cd journey..
Sounds like your doing great so far....... heres to a great week ahead. and dont worry about your cdc being away we will all still be here to support you this site is fab and has definatley helped get me through the last 20 weeks..


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Welcome well done to getting to day 11....and loosing 7lbs!! I am on day 10. Ha I felt the same as you when i joined here....sooo confused lol i still am actually. hehe.
When you post more you get better privalidges, bigger sig spaces and the such, if you pop down to tech support, most things are on there that explain it a darn sight better than me :D



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well done you! i've only been on here a few days and already I've been made to feel very welcome.

I have yet to have my first weigh in yet but I would be very happy with 7lb's.

keep up the great work and good luck!


WILL be Slim!
welcone to the board hun! this place has been my saviour so its super for keeping you on the straight and narrow! :)
thanks everyone, you have been so so welcoming. I could literally spend days on this baord reading all the threads!

Stupidly i was a little disappointed with 7lbs as i had been hopping on and off the scales and my scales said a 9lb loss but that was first thing in the morning with my b'day suit on :eek:. SO i am reeeeaaallly trying hard not to do that this week so that my weigh in on thursday will be a nice suprise! I find it harder to resisit the scales than i do food lol!

Thank you again..i shall prob be on again tonight, really helps to keep you going. Off to have my apple and cinnamon porridge now..yummy!! xxx

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