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CAn I just arrrrggghhh!?

So just a rant to get it off my chest.

I know Im hideously overweight
I know I look awful
I know my fitness is suffering
i know my kids will start to be embaressed soon (getting to that age)
I know my confidence is shot for the first time in my life
I know I need to do this

So why cant I even go 1 day without a cheat?

Even today , not even brekkie time and Im thinking of not bothering?

Im going to go do my shop today as Im not properly equipped in the houe for proper eating and I know its not 'that' hard but I have zero will power and Im annoying myself now lol.

ANd ..........breathe

Rant over
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Everyone needs a good rant!! And these sort of places are perfect for it! :) So rant away!
I always feel like you just ranted about, though not being the same issues I understand the whole "aarttrtrhghghghghg"! feeling hhahaha :)
We've all got people on here that'll support and inspire us to do well!
We're all behind you girl ;)
I hear your rant too,
so many half hearted attempts at weight loss for me too,
I do think you have to believe you deserve to lose weight and be happy,
not cos of your health,appearance or your kids(thought thats all important),
but because YOU as a person is worth all that effort and hard work
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I've spent the last 8 months saying 'I'll be good from tomorrow on i swear'. But when the next day comes I just don't have it in me. It's very upsetting. Don't give up. People are here for you.
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this is great advice, i am really struggling and trying to cut out everything!!!! then if i have one thing i give up......so my aim for next week is to walk for 30mins every day. I have had a couple of years of ill health and i have even lost confidence to walk outside alone so this will be difficult but i know i must do it. Thanks for the tips xx
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And I was about to say the same thing!
Don't expect to stick to an eating regime that demands such a lot of you. You are beating yourself up! As has been said - a little step at a time without starving yourself from go.As you have a family to look after as well it's impossible to continually divide your time and emotions and expect to come out on top.
A little step at a time and you WILL get there!:)
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All of the comments at the start of this thread really struck a cord with me!!! It could almost have been written by me lol i have been a walk a couple of times although not on my own yet :eek: but i am cooking using some slimming world recipes. I am following sw but not at a club. I have to change my lifestyle to be healthier and as my son who is coming 11 had started to put on weight i decided enough is enough and try to set a good example. We are an overweight family mainly due to too many takeaways. I don't really eat very much in the day but will then have a big takeaway at 8-9 oclock 4 or even 5 times a week!!!!!! :eek: I have been unwell for a couple of years and this lifestyle just seemed to creep up on us!! :ashamed0005: Now i am on the mend it is time for a change and this site has been soooo good because i have realised there are people out there just like me, so again thanks for all the tips xx :thankyou:
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Wouldn't it be great if someone could wave a magic wand and the fat would just be magicked away? But it won't so we have the hard cold reality that WE have to do something about it.

It's scary but if you think about some of the normal things you may have done in life such as learning to ride a bike, going to your first interview, having a baby, lots and lots of different things that at one time you may thought you wouldn't be able to do but you did it.

Losing weight shouldn't really be thinking that oh this time in six months I'll have lost XXX amount of weight, it should be an ongoing process that you take each day at a time.

If you fall off your plan/diet and find you've eaten a chip/doughnut/cadbury's flake etc then accept that ok you shouldn't but all in all it didn't really taste that wonderful and make yourself doublely determined that next time you won't give in.

If you find yourself tempted then think why are you tempted? Are you feeling unhappy about something, or stressed or tired?

I'm doing lighterlife lite and at my first meeting we talked about why we eat certain things at certain times. Understanding why we overeat is very helpful, certainly to me.
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That first post could have been written by me and probably would have been if I hadn’t found it first. It is exactly how I have been feeling this last week and I am so disappointed in myself because I thought I was ready to crack it and lose this weight but I obviously wasn’t – I did it for a week, lost 7lb then something in my mind clicked and wouldn’t let me carry on; old habits started to creep back and my mind did not seem to want to do it anymore.

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Hi Hula Lula
Lots of good advice given here already! Don't fret about motivation too much - some day something will trigger your resolve, perhaps trying on clothes in a full-length mirror or seeing a friend who has lost a lot and looks great etc.
In the meantime a good system is just eat half of what you are currently taking in. If you like fish and chips,curries,chocolate etc. have them but in half portions so you don't feel deprived. Once you have lost a bit of weight you can re-assess the situation and cut down
some more or do a more formal diet.
Best of luck!
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Hi Welshgirl, Really feel for you. I know I have been in that spiralling situation. I came to the conclusion that getting slim would mean a lot of attention initially which can be quite embarrassing at times. But the time came when I wanted to do this for ME and not worry about the other bit. I think far too many of us treat "dieting" as this big horrible NONO system which is enough to send anyone bananas! Far better to start off as "I'm going to eat healthily and treat my body with more respect" and any little BLIP along the way is just that! Get up and go again without dwelling on the BLIP. Take a deep breath and concentrate on what comes next not what has just been. AND let this :badmood:become this:girlpower:
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Thanks for the advice Lin, but to lose 7lb in my first week I didn't go on a mad, starvation diet - I ate three healthy meals a day and didn't snack on crisps but chose fruit or a handful of nuts instead. I was having bran flakes with semi skimmed for breakfast, a salad or pasta salad for lunch and meat or fish with veg or a pasta dish (if I didn't have pasta for lunch) for dinner - nothing mad or starvation there.
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oooh welshgirl u sound just like me i did mangage 3 weeks without a blip then click the will power went and i had a massive binge and i think the only reason i had it was because i made a banana weetabix cake and scoffed it all in one go, something the old me would have done and although i counted it in my syns for the day i was annoyed with myself for doing it didn't even taste very nice lol i would normally carry on the binge and put the weight back on that i lost plus a few pounds more but i got back on plan the next day i did put on a 1/4 of a pound but could have been a lot worse :) and LITTLEANKLES good luck there is a lot of support on here x
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That's great you were able to go straight back on the plan, well done. I find the weekends a challenge more than anything as me and OH go out for dinner on a Friday which is our 'date night' as he's so busy at work and tired in the week. Last weekend we went out on Friday, had lunch out as we went to Liverpool Saturday then bought a lemon tart Sunday.

I saw my friends wedding photos today and there are photos of me and OH slow dancing and it looks like he's dancing with a hippo! His hands don't even go round my waist properly! I didn't think that at 12st 8lb (as I was last week) I looked that big but I look huge :( :( Going to start afresh tomorrow I think, doesn't help that it's my totm week so I'm all emotional and hormonal lol.
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hi welshgirl i find sometimes i look in the mirror and think i don't look too bad then the next day i can look and think yuk lol i think a lot of how we see our selves is all to do with the mind i got down to 9st 3 many years ago which is 4 1/2 stone less than i am now but i still saw a fat person looking back at me from the mirror. i think it takes a while to get used to the new size unfortunately i don't stay that size long enough for my brain to adjust ha ha :)
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I find the weekends hard too, if we are out and about i have little or no willpower:eek: so if i have something not so good i just start over the next day :) ( in theory). I have had my picture taken in a top that is too tight ( one of my 'fat' tops from last year :eek: ) and in a few weeks i will get another one taken so that i can see the difference. I can't ever tell if i lose weight myself so this way i will be able to see the improvement i.e i can breath in said top lol xx good luck xx

sweetie darling

Eye on the prize...
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I've discovered over a rather challenging few years that for a lot of people loosing weight is really hard to do unless your head is in the right place (& no, not on top of your neck!) but then we can't get in a ''positive'' place unless we look good/feel good. It's all a bit of a viscious circle sometimes!! I think the best way to start is one day at a time & if that's too much.... one hour at a time. Baby steps... Good luck all!! I'm looking forward to finding some support on here!! :)