Can I just ask...?


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Hi all,

I have been on SS for 2 weeks now, and doing ok, I think, although disheartened when weight doesn't change or goes UP over 5 days when all I have done is follow SS, no cheats! Still am trying to see the big picture and hang in there.

But I wanted to ask everyone what will happen to me tonight? Tonight I am going out for a meal (1st one in 2 weeks) - will my body cope having not eaten anything for so long? I was going to try to be sensible, and not have carbs, but most of all I am worried about having to go through the symptoms of the first 3 days on SS all over again - will I have headaches and extreme hunger if I have just this one night off?

Do you think it will affect my weight loss really badly?

I'd love to know that the world wont end if I have one meal!! Can anyone offer any advice?


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I'm not sure about all the technical side of the CD but I don't think the world will end if you have a small meal tonight:p If you can be sensible and stick to chicken/fish and veg or salad then I don't think that it will knock you out of ketosis...No carbs though.

I could be wrong on that but I am sure someone will tell us if I am:)

I had to eat last night after my exercise class ( I am now on week 4 on CD) and I had half a chicken breast and some broccoli. It wasn't enough to fill a side plate but I think you will be surprised about how little it takes to feel "full".

Good luck tonight...can you stay away from alcohol?? My sister is also on CD and the few times she has gone out (daughter's bday etc) she has had a small glass of wine, and it doesn't seem to have had any bad effects so far.

Let us know how you get on:D


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I wouldn't really recommend eating at all at this early stage... only 2 weeks in is really early.

If you must, then follow the advice of no carbs, just lean meat and veg and even then just a tiny amount.

A lot of people find when they eat its really hard to stop and end up in trouble!

Also the alcohol thing CAN go wrong, fair enough one glass may well be ok but I read somewhere that drinking whilst in ketosis is a really bad idea.

I there anything you can do to get out of it? I'm not suggesting you end your social life because you are ona vlcd, but what I usually did was make an excuse to be late and 'eat at home' then join the party later and just drink water. You can say you are on antibiotics if people are used to seeing you drinking bucketloads, the chances are no one will notice what you drink anyway!

Don't get me wrong I'm not judging you for choosing to eat (if you do) I know sometimes circumstances make it really difficult not to.



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Thanks Lenny & Mags,
Well I don't intend to drink - to this end, I have volunteered to drive!
But I can't get out of it - its a celebration for me getting the school governor job, and everyone sort of pressured me into it, really. I stalled a while then they decided they would drag me out.
I would just like to eat a small bit and pick up tomorrow where I left off, so fingers crossed it works!
Do you think I will suffer tomorrow with hunger/headaches/any other bad SS symptoms?
Thanks for your advice.


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Hi Clair,

Congratulations on your govenor job!!! Well done.

If you stick with meat/fish and non starchy veggies you can still stay in ketosis. Be careful of lemon in water as that can knock you out of ketosis.

Enjoy your night out.

Would have to add tough you might find it harder to stay on SSing when you break it so early on in your diet, but then again I have seen the odd one who managed fine.

I myself am not one of those that can do it:(

Be sure to let us know how you get on.

Love Mini xxx


i eate and its thr worst thing ive ever done!! I cant get back on it since!

see my post "why cant i do CD for longer than 2 weeks!"



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Don't want to be a spoilsport but I will just stick my neck out or my nose in:confused: and say what I really think......

Don't eat at all, please, please don't do it. You have done so well in completing 2 weeks 100% SSing and are well 'in the zone' If you eat and are sensible with your choices you may not gain much in weight and would easily get it back off IF you get back to SSing. Trouble is you're head will be all over the place, you'll subconsiously believe you can 'get away' with it again and so a pattern will form and every time a nice evening out is on offer you will take the night off SSing. Each time you do this it becomes harder to get back to SSing.

Take it from the very worst offender, and learn from my mistake; and I know I'm not the only one. Stick to it 100% DO NOT HAVE A BREAK, you will get to target much quicker (not 18 months down the line like me and still mucking about!) then stabilise properly and life and your eating habits can get back to normal.

Ignore me if you like and I hope you are ok with me being so blunt but I just don't want you to end up like me.


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Just want to add that physically you'd probably be fine except for maybe feeling a bit bloated.

Everyone thinks they'll be different and stronger than the rest of us and will get straight back on the straight and narrow but most don't manage to.

Think carefully before eating.


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Congratulations on the job!

I had a break at the end of my 100 days and it has been harder than I thought to get back into it.

I am managing though, but I think I would have struggled a lot more early on had I done it then.

Out of our foundation class of 10, EVERYONE who ate early on dropped out well before the end.

There was only 5 of us left at the end of 100 days.....

However if you plan a million times over that seems to be how those who manage it do it. Get a menu in advance and decide what you are having, don't even look at the menu once you are there, it will lure you into thinking it won't hurt to have something else. Designating yourself as driver was a good plan......

I think if it were me I would have 3 food packs that day instead of 4 (2 instead of 3 if its cambridge.. sorry can't remember) and I would have a food pack just before you go out so you won't feel hungry.

Stick to your plan religeously, no nibbles, no breadsticks, no peanuts, no nothing!!! The next morning get right back on it and refuse to give in..... It can be done!

If you stick to it you should still be in ketosis and have little or no side effects the next day!

I still don't recommend it though!



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I have to say what you do is entirely your CHOICE, and only you have to live with the consequences, so think carefully before you eat.
As a guide you should use the 'add a meal' principles to minimize those nasty side effects that you suffered when you first started.
Just to remind you of what they are:
chicken, fish (white), lf cottage cheese, quorn or tofu. Cooked without oil/sauce (the restaurant will be happy to prep things to your liking!)
Vegetables (only 2 spoons) green or white... thats broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, courgettes, sprouts etc....
After 2 weeks you should be full after this small meal, so you won't come away hungry.
Eating this way will also ensure that you don't drop out of ketosis, so you should carry on losing weight too!!

You've already said that you won't be drinking, which is the one thing you should avoid at all costs!!!

Have a good night out!


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Thank you!

Hi everyone who kindly answered my question yesterday!

I did go for the meal, and it was Italian. I had fresh tuna and a tomato and onion side salad dressed with Balsamic vinegar, and a bottle of sparkling water. I checked I was in ketosis before I went, last night when I got in and this morning and it was still showing the darkest red on the sticks! Thank the lord!

I don't know if the fact that I drank 6 litres of water yesterday helped too - I notice that if I resign myself to a day on the toilet then I lose more weight (probably tones the thighs too!).

Still I guess the proof of the pudding will be in my weight loss at the end of the week.

It was strange being around nice food, but I guess it was good practice to have to make a sensible decision about it, as I will have to learn to do so in Maintenance. I know my biggest challenge will be the reintroduction of carbs - I realise I have an addiction to them, because I have often consciously 'carbed out' if I have been upset or stressed - then I don't feel anything anymore.

By the way, has anyone else noticed that there is a 'success story' on the Cambridge website about Anne who managed to eat a Sunday Lunch every week and piece of chocolate every night - does that mean that Cambridge condone this?!

I really appreciate everyone's advice yesterday, and please wish me luck with my will power today!