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  1. Frumpster

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    Cambridge 790
    Hi everyone

    I started cd two weeks ago. I started on 790 as I struggle with low blood sugar (not diabetic) so my cdc recommended 790.

    I lost 7lbs in week 1, then had about 5 mini disasters (mainly being Pizza, Birthday party food for my 2 year old, ice cream, etc). I kept having two packs during the day to help me along with 3ltrs water and I lost 1.5lbs in week 2...don't know how?

    Anyway, I figured that I would try 1000 after some lovely advice on here. I spoke to my cdc and she was fine about it. Anyway, she has gone on holiday for 3 weeks now so i'm getting weighed at home. I desperately want to be down to my goal in time for Orlando, can't bear the thought of another holiday being ruined. Everyone on here has been so supportive. So now I am starting to think, why am I switching to 1000. If I stick it out on 790 there's a chance I could be at goal for my holiday. Just because I found it hard isn't a reason to stop 790 is it? I need to get through it and find ways to deal with the difficult times.

    Can anyone give me any pros/cons for 790 and 1000 (or ss as cdc said that weight losses are pretty much the same on ss and 790). I think if I read someone elses advice I will accept it more than giving myself the advice (does that make sense??)

    Sorry to be a pain, but I know that cd will work for me, but feel a bit confused as to which route to take. btw i'm 30 in mid June and would love to be noticebly slimmer (maybe a dress size or two??) by then...what do you think?

    Thanks for anyone who reads this. I don't know what i'd do without this site. :)
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  3. MissPiggyFi

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    Cambridge Diet USA
    I think the main benefit with 790 and ss is ketosis, which should stop you feeling hungry, and the danger with 1000 would be the urge to eat more. I haven't actually done it myself so I suppose I'm not qualified to say anything, I just didn't want to 'read and run'!!

    The weight loss would be quicker with 790 or ss obviously, but if picking is a problem then 1000 could be for you?

    I am SSing, but I sometimes feel like I need more so I do a 790 day, which does help. It's nice to sit down to a 'meal'- a small one at that!

    Hopefully someone with more answers will come along soon, but don't give up hun- you will definitely be noticably slimmer by your 30th if you stick with it!!
  4. Mamma_caz

    Mamma_caz Have a serene day!!

    I understand where you are coming from - I went straight from 1200 to 790 coz I didn't fancy the look of the 1000 (lunch what lunch) so it made more sense to do the 790, I have to say that when I did that I didn't want to pick, I struggle to remain good! on SS, and before I started CD I didn't pick, in fact the cheese could remain untouched in the fridge for a couple of weeks and I have had to chuck cheese before, but now omg (well I won't go there).

    With 790 you do have a meal to look forward to in the evening and the tendancy is to use the last shake/Tetra as a treat and it is good weightloss.

    Incidentally I am type 2 diabetic and I am now off all my meds and have been discharged from the hospital coz apart from knowing I am diabetic my bloods were normal, so chalk one up to CD.

    Go with what you feel is right for you and what you KNOW you will stick at.

    Take care and continued good luck.
  5. MrsWobble

    MrsWobble Full Member

    I've only been at the 5 weeks so I'm by no means an expert but I would suggest you have a think about what it is that you are finding hard, and what it is that makes you fail - that might help you identify what you need to change.

    Personally, I know I would struggle with 1000 as there is too much choice and I know I would have difficulties with portion control. I find that really hard. I had a rubbish week 2 weeks ago because I had a meal one night which made me want a bigger meal the next night, and nibbles, and so on..

    I don't sole source religiously - I sometimes find it hard because my blood sugar can be a bit of an issue - I'm also not diabetic though. So, to keep with it I do a sort of 790/ongoing AAM week! Some nights I have a little chicken/green veg, and some nights I dont. I just listen to my body and do what I think I need - not what I want!! If I'm feeling a bit dodgy - you'll know what I mean blood sugar wise then I have a little meal and if I'm feeling fine (which is at least 4 nights out of 7) then I stick with my soup. My CDC is very supportive of it - her advice was to find a ketosis friendly compromise rather than fail completely or be feeling rotten. She, and my dr, both agree that the blood sugar instability will probably settle down once I'm a bit lighter.

    I've managed to lose 2 stone in 5 weeks so it's obviously working!

    I hope you find a good compromise that works for you.
  6. Frumpster

    Frumpster Becoming Un-Frumpy!

    Cambridge 790
    Thank you both for your replies.

    When I was doing 790 in week 1 I was having Chicken Breast and Brocolli and it wasn't the best. Then I started having Cottage Cheese and salad, I chopped up fresh mint leaves into my salad and it was scrummy (never bought them before, but they were green and it worked for 790!!)

    I didn't check my ketosis state up until that point but felt like I was in ketosis as my breath smelt funny, but I swear the Cottage Cheese knocked me out of Ketosis cos the next morning I felt ill. Really dizzy all day and starving hungry like day 1 and 2 (it was Day 6)

    I think i'm gonna go back to 790 :D
  7. Frumpster

    Frumpster Becoming Un-Frumpy!

    Cambridge 790

    Wow, you have done really well!!

    I think the way you're following it sounds good. I have had a couple of nights where I would've preferred no tea. I might try that. You're right about 1000 I find myself picking and thinking about fod all day long!
  8. TTey68

    TTey68 Full Member

    Well no advise on the 790, 1000, 1500 as only been SS a week - but my mantra is the fact I have spent the last 39 years (ok so that's when I was born, but for certain the last 20 years..) as an obese adult.

    During this time I have eaten what I wanted, in the amounts I wanted, at the time I wanted and how I wanted. Where has that got me? 39 and unhappy.

    I have had 20 years to 'get it right' and I failed.

    I am now doing the CD which has been going 20+ years because they know their stuff and have it RIGHT.

    If it aint broke.. why fix something.....?

    TT xx

    Ps - you do realise in a few weeks that won't mean jack when its my time to do th 790 etc!! Xx
  9. chrismars

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    I've ss'd from the begining. It was hard at the start but once ketosis kicked in it got easier. As the weeks have gone by it's got even easier. I'm AAMing this week and the willpower has been brought into play. I think it's the habit of eating what you want when you want that once you start eating (anything) the emotions can ask for more. But AAM is an important part of CD. Hence the willpower. I've not got into 790, 1000 etc yet, but I recognise your fears and suggest you think of the ends you are trying for and keep those in mind at times of tempatation.

    Good luck, frumpser

    Chris http://livelifelighter
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