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Can I pull it back?


Yummy Mummy! xx
I was very naughty last night and had a donner kebab with chips and garlic sauce with garlic bread


a big bar of aero!!!!!!

WE had been out at work, couldnt be bothered cooking blah blah blah, no excuses other than laziness really.

I weigh in on a monday, Ive been good up to then d'ya reckon I can pull it back or am I doomed for another gain!

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i think you can definitely pull it back! i did the pretty much the same thing (except it was a donner pizza - even worse!! and a tub of b&j) and i still managed to lose 2lbs so it can be done! just make sure you keep to plan until WI, maybe try and have fewer syns (but at least 5 a day) and eat plenty of super speed foods and you should be fine! good luck xx


Yummy Mummy! xx
Thank you!

Im working a 15hr shift today so have got all my meals planned and no major plans for the weekend (god that sounds boring doesnt it??) so fingers crossed I can pull it back! xxx

well done on your weight loss by the way! x
I had a battered king rib & chips and a huge white bap at athe weekend, followed by a slice of cheesecake. I still managed to lose 4.5lbs that week, just by being 100% the rest of the time.
I think it's possible. I've had a chinese before on WI night, and still managed to lose the following week.


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I really think you can..
Me and my mate who do SW together, always go to the pub for the quiz every thursday after WI. And we share a starter and share a dessert (and they're not small either) Don't even bother with the syns. We just treat ourselves :) Although we do stick with diet coke which is good of us haha!
We do it almost every week and as long as i'm 100% on the plan until' next thursday, i always lose and so does my friend.
Best time to treat yourself i think, just after your WI. Not everyone will agree with me but it makes me feel less deprived if i have one night off!
Yeah, you can pull it back. It ain't over till the fat lady sings and I ain't started singing yet!


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