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Can I stop lipotrim and not put on weight?

Hi everyone,

I am off on holiday soon and would like to now do the atkins diet or low carb, then re start lipotrim when I get back, do I have to do the re feed or can I stop the diet then go straight to low carb? The reason I ask is because I started to wind down the diet, having two shakes and a low carb or pure protein meal and I have put on a pound a day. I cut down a bit more and have now stabilised and have stayed the same. I find this baffling as I am hardly eating anything, I am at the gym every day and i'm not losing weight. Compared to my diet before of chocolate, biscuits and whatever I wanted I would think the weight would drop off me, but I am not losing anything. Do I need to do the refeed first? I leave in just over a week and i'm worried about putting all the weight back on, on holiday. What do you think girls? I thought me having two shakes and a meal was the same as refeeding, my pharmacist doesn't have the maintainance diet in stock.

Help please!!!
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hi i was thinking about doin this a while ago, was getting stick from my mum about not eating, and asked on here about it but general consinces was that i would still lose weight on 2 shakes and chicken/tuna salad but not near as fast, so dont kno to be honest i would figure thou seeing as you've tried this and not working do the refeed program before you go? sorry cant be any help
Thanks for replying. I guess i'll have to do the refeed, my pharmacist hasn't go it in stock, will have to wait, then I won't get a full week refeed, fingers crossed it works. Thanks for the advice.
Can i ask why you didn't follow the refeed programme?
It just makes sense to do that, to me. Sorry i can't help, i'm a way off that stage myself so got no experience.

It just makes sense if you've done LT to follow the LT refeed programme rather than risk undoing good work by potentially refeeding incorrectly.

Good luck anyway!

Refeed is NOT maintenance products, it involves having the regular shakes but supplementing them over a few days/weeks with regular food and re-introducing food groups slowly. You don't need maintenance products. Sorry all if that's incorrect but thats how i read it and your pharmacist should be able to tell you that.

Loads of fab infoand advice/support in the refeeding forum here too :)
That is what I was doing and I put on a pound a day, my pharmacist obviously doesn't know what he is talking about. I did the refeed for a week with the shakes and put on a pound a day, I then cut back and have maintained, but with very little food. The pharmacist said I need the maintainance products. I'm sooo confused. I'm going to try to get through to lipotrim on the phone to discuss.
Hi girls,

I've just spoken to lipotrim and they have said I do need the maintainance products to refeed, it can also be done with normal lipotrim, but the maintainance products are better. It's only fluid that have gone on so she said not to worry.



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Now in my opinion if you want to follow lo carb then only do lo carb, 2 sachets of LT or Maintenance LT plus a protein meal would exceed the 20g of carbs that the atkins diet works on (induction), i suggest you look at the atkins forum and ask Jim a few questions, atkins is all to do with being organised but can have excellent results and make you feel great, hope this helps:rolleyes:
Thanks katy73,

I am sorted now, i'm going to continue with lipotrim. I'll do the refeed, then go on holiday, when I return i'll do lipotrim again. The lipotrim lady also thinks I may have been overdoing the exercise, which in turn caused my body to store fat, so I wasn't doing it wrong after all elle-emm. Thanks for the advice.


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Good for you, i came off LT and did lo carb, but because i had not lost all of my weight i wanted too i found it too hard to be around food, so went back to LT and have contnued to lose although it is now 3 lb a week, but i only have another 18 to go, once that is gone i am going to do lo carb lo fat to maintain, i also found that the more excercise i did the less i lost, save the exercise until you have the weight lost and you will tone up any loose skin, look forward to hearing your progress we are all here for you honey x:grouphugg:


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There is a post on here from Mini and it talks about the re-feed and why we can put weight on if we dont follow the re-feed 100%...if you have put on - it is more likely to be water and it is all to do with the gycogen stores....a bit like when people are running a marathon and stop carbs then overload on them..I would suggest you read this as it is really helpful.

But, from what I read if you do the re-feed properly and then stick to low fat diet then shouldnt really have a problem.

Hope this helps.
Yes you have helped scotsmist, katy73 and elle,

I was definitley over doing the exercise, I have followed the refeed, but was given the wrong advice by the pharmacist and eat less and less then my body started storing fat. The lipotrim lady said to start refeed again from tomorrow and I should be fine.

Thanks girls x
Good luck on the remainder of your LT/Refeed programme, hun, seems like you have already got the best info from our resident expert Lipotrimmers!!!

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