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  1. spooky

    spooky Banned

    One of my clients??

    With her permission of course?? :D

    She started CD in January weighing 27 stones 5 pounds. Her BMI was 54 in the super morbidly obese category.

    Before Cambridge her mobility was poor to the point that she did not DO walking if she could help it.
    Before Cambridge she was susceptible to very bad asthma attacks.
    Before Cambridge she had regular chest infections.
    Before Cambridge she was a very unhappy individual.
    The tasks of daily living were a chore. A trip to the supermarket would exhaust her. housework eluded her and even her personal care was compromised by her size.

    (I know she dosen't mind me posting this btw ;))

    I saw her yesterday for her weigh in.

    In 12 weeks she has lost an incredible 4 stones 8 pounds.

    Her mobility has taken an astonishing upturn. She can walk miles without stopping and now chooses to walk where before she relied on taxis.

    Her health has also vastly improved. She no longer sounds like an old whistling kettle when she breathes. We have just gone through the winter and rather than her normal 3 or 4 chest infections she has had one since starting CD.

    Her GP has reduced her asthma meds. Less steriods in her body.

    Her blood pressure has come down from borderline for medication to almost normal.

    I am proud to say this is my sister, Andrea.

    And I am sure I probably forgot to mention some stuff ;)

    You are doing fab, Sis, and an inspiration to many. Keep up the good work!!:D

    Cambridge WORKS. Fact. Yes its hard, yes its frustrating, but at the end of the day, no matter how big you are to start with, the benefits are there from day one.
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  3. Sarette

    Sarette Gold Member

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    Cambridge Weight Plan
    Oh what a lovely story, a huge well done to Andrea, and I hope she keeps up the fantastic work! xx
  4. debz32

    debz32 Gold Member

    WOW !!!! WELL DONE ANDREA :) fabulous achievement.....obviously down to your fab CDC !!! ;)

    best wishes to you both.....


    Debz x
  5. Time4ME

    Time4ME MUST get a grip

    :clap: :clap:

    YEY ANDREA - keep it up - cant believe your a third of the way through your journey already xxxxxxxxxx
  6. blue_grapefruit

    blue_grapefruit Gold Member

    You rock andrea [​IMG]. I remember when you started - and just look at you now. Keep it going hun, you'll be at goal in no time xxx

    You must have a good CDC too;) xxx
  7. Hedgemag

    Hedgemag Cambridge Diet Counsellor

    Fantasic, Well done Andrea
  8. Dancing

    Dancing Gold Member

    fantastic to hear. So pleased for her and that she has found something that gives her a life back. My goodness, what fantastic weightloss I bet she is beside herself with pleasure. I look forward to seeing her as Loser of the Year
  9. Melaniep

    Melaniep Member

    That is fantastic and an inspiration to all of us who have a lot to lose. If she's not on here tell her well done from me

  10. spooky

    spooky Banned

    She is on here, she is Caress :D
  11. doubledumplings

    doubledumplings Silver Member

    cambridge diet
    oh wow andrea i think what uve done is great and keep going hun ashley xx

    BIG BIRDY Silver Member

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    great story!! But so true. Just some weight off can give us our lives back. A great story to be told as an inspiration for others
  13. Caress

    Caress Silver Member

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    oh wow thank you Nicky, thank you everyone, you managed to make me cry buckets. :cry: But in a good way of course, I'm so touched by what's been said.

    Though let me say this, I could not have done this without Nicky, she's been behind me 100%, she's listened to me moaning and complaining when it's been a bad day, she's picked me back up when I've felt down. Helps that she's my sister of course, cos we can be absolutely honest with each other, but truly, she's been behind this, I saw her results, I saw how happy she was and how healthy she was and I wanted the same thing. But honestly, she inspires me in so many other ways, she's truly one of my best friends.

    I also couldn't have done this without mini's, it's such a support, the people on here are fabulous, they're so supportive, kind, decent and as we're all in the same boat, or have been in the same boat at one time or another, it helps to put yourself in that position, mentally. I love this site, I love the people on here, and well thank you to everyone.

  14. Camilla

    Camilla Silver Member

    Absolutely fantastic, very well done! X
  15. Kitteh

    Kitteh Resident geek

    oh man that made me cry.. the heart warming kind of tears..

    I raise a glass of water in a toast to Andrea...

    Well blooming done..

    x x x x
  16. canireallydothis!!

    canireallydothis!! Gold Member

    Well done Andrea, what a fantastic post from your Sister, and what great results from you. What an inspiration x
  17. IreneH

    IreneH Gold Member

    So pleased to hear your story Andrea. And what a great CDC you have. Congratulations to you both

    Irene xx
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  19. wigglychick

    wigglychick Silver Member

    that's truly wonderful, congratulations Andrea on your fantastic results :D
  20. Mrs B

    Mrs B Silver Member

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    Well done Andrea. That is brilliant. Good luck with the rest of your journey.
  21. Grandma

    Grandma Totally Focused

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    Andrea, you have done so well.

    I understand about the mobility. I started at 23stone 5lbs at the end of January and in eight weeks, I've lost 41lbs to put me at 20stone 6 at my last weigh in. I can walk without pain in my knees for the first time in years, I can do my housework without having to stop every couple of minutes to draw breath, I can RUN up the stairs without being out of breath. If we are like this now, what are we going to be like when we get to goal! Its breathtaking just to think of it - and so exciting!!

    I don't mean to detract from your story, Andrea, told so well by Spooky. I just want to empathise with you as I really do understand!

    You are an inspiration to us all!
  22. Delli

    Delli Talks too much

    thats fab andrea! ur an inspiration to the rest of us!
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