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Can I try again ? Yes I can !

Hello ,fellow soon-to-be-slimmer friends!
I have tried various VLCD's over the past 5 years, once I lost 3 stones and felt fabulous.
I need to be a lot slimmer than I am now, my health is starting to suffer and it's making me misereable !
So, I went to see my doctor and she referred me to a Bariatric surgeon and I was offered a Gastric Balloon.
The thing is, this has to be put down into your stomach via your Oesophagus whilst awake...there was no way I could do that! I know you are a bit drowsy when they do it but, the thought alone made me gag!

I realise I have to do something, I really do. I am ,just, the wrong side of 50 and feel like I am running out of time to have all the fun I want to. I want my energy back, I want my life back!

So, I took a deep breath this morning,opened a sachet of chocolate milkshake (have 30 shakes left from last attempt) and had that at 8am and have had a very good day since then.
Going to be logging on a lot as I know I will need to keep my focus over the first couple of weeks.
Have to find a counsellor in the next few days, too.
Looking forward to getting to know all your stories
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I know I shouldn't have got on the scales already, as I only started yesterday BUT,I have lost 3.5 lbs already!! I know it's only water but, it is a marker of my commitment. I feel 'better' already.
Hope everyone has a good day.


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Hi Delicious Jax :D I'm a restarter too. Good luck on your weightloss journey :)

So what triggered your lightbulb moment? Are your friends and family supportive? Have you told anyone?

Sorry for all the questions:eek:, it is just to try to know you better, but you don't have to answer :)
Hello Elie,
I haven't told anyone as I have tried and failed, before. I just want to get on with it and wait for people to notice!
The 'light-bulb ' moment was when I was leaving the hospital after having been offered a Gastric Balloon procedure...I realised how far I had let myself go. I can't bare the thought of having a tube put down my throat whilst awake( the procedure is done whilst awake and you are a bit drowsy)...then the balloon is filled with liquid and left in your tummy for 6 months. Then you have to have the same procedure for the balloon, deflated, taken back out!!
So, CD just seemed a lot easier!
Plus I have a holiday to Egypt at Christmas, have to be a minimum of 3 stones lighter, as that's the weight the table goes down on the plane and I don't need an extension belt!
How about you? What's your goal and how did you come to use CD?
Hi Jax

I have just re-started CD too, so good luck. I am sure you will succeed and look forward to reading all about your successes. Egypt sounds fab, somewhere I've always wanted to visit and no doubt you will NOT need the seat belt extension :D

Hope to hear from you and well done for the 3.5lbs off so far
Hi Chelsea Lou,
Early days for both of us then....I am onto Day 3 tomorrow, this is where it gets difficult as I have always felt a bit shaky. I know I can get round it by having a few grapes or sugar-free jelly,would rather not have to nibble as it makes things harder but, if it gets me over the shakey bits...then so be it.
Looking forward to losing this 'fat prison' that surrounds me !


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I understand what you mean about surgery. Actually it is because of surgery that I had my lightbulb moment. I was supposed to have very light surgery with a whiff of general anesthetics done at the local hopsital but they had to send me all the way to the big city because of my weight :eek: (needed ICU because of BMI :eek:). Then I had plenty of tests and all came back clear and then I realise that I was still healthy but that it wouldn't last. Also, I am getting married soon, and a couple of weeks after the surgery I went dress shopping and I looked ugly and fat. So that was it, I was going to slim down :D

As for me, I discovered cd via minimins. It's my second restart actually. I did really badly on the second one, I wasn't even motivated. But during the first one I lost quite a bit and then... I ate a bit of cake and started eating and also lost my income so couldn't keep dieting :eek:

But I'm back with a vengence :D

And I understand as well why you don't want to say anything. I only told my mum, my sister, my fiancé and my 2 best friends. The others will just have to wonder why I shrink :D

I don't have a target weight per se. I have so much to lose I don't want to think about it right now. Having a BMI under 35 first and then under 30 are my main goal. Have you joined any challenges?

Any item of clothing you dream of wearing once you're sleem? My dream is to fit in a pair of skinny jeans :)
Day 3...........and I have lost 6lbs already. Am feeling hungry right now and trying to not focus on it but, it has all of my attention! Have had a CD soup but, it hasn't helped. Did miss lunch today as didn't have a way of making a shake up...got to find a counsellor very soon, as at moment I am using last lot of soups and shakes from a few months ago.
Just about to run a bath, then will have a shake after a long soak. Day 4 tomorrow...can't believe it as time has passed very quickly, hope it always does till Christmas in Egypt!
Day 3...........and I have lost 6lbs already. Am feeling hungry right now and trying to not focus on it but, it has all of my attention! Have had a CD soup but, it hasn't helped. Did miss lunch today as didn't have a way of making a shake up...got to find a counsellor very soon, as at moment I am using last lot of soups and shakes from a few months ago.
Just about to run a bath, then will have a shake after a long soak. Day 4 tomorrow...can't believe it as time has passed very quickly, hope it always does till Christmas in Egypt!
Hi hun! Wow! well done on 6lbs in 3 days that's amazing!! :):)
and Christmas in Egypt sounds fabulous - I bet you can't wait!

Keep us posted :p

Love Jess xx
Day 4...done and dusted!
Had a tricky situation an hour ago, met up with a couple of people to go over a bit of paper-work and they had brought a bottle of wine. Ended up having half a small glass as couldn't think of a reason to refuse that would make sense! Haven't told anyone that I am on VLCD and don't want to say anything untill I have completed a good few weeks. Need to think of excuses before that situation arises again!
Am so happy I have made it to Day 4, usually would have caved in after 2 days. Am very focused...even went round Sainsburys this evening and didn't pick up, or even sniff at, a piece of cake or look at the sweeties section. No point in punishing yourself walking down those aisles!
So, got some household bits and my dog and cats foods. Whose a good girl then! Hope everyone is doing well. x
I know I shouldn't weigh myself every morning but, I just can't resist it! I have lost 9lbs already....and this is the start of Day 5.! AND IT GETS BETTER...i AM IN THE 19's, albeit just, at 19.13.
So pleased this morning as 2 months ago I hit 21.3lbs and was at my lowest ebb.
As of yet, I have not suffered any moments of ,physically, feeling weak, that's probably due to having one milkshake a day with low-fat milk. Looking forward to getting into the 18's in the next 3 weeks. I love this plan!
Wishing everyone a good day...together we can do it. x
Hiya, I just read through your diary. You are doing so well! I've just restarted CD too, and am on day 2 currently. I would really love to have a big weightloss like you for this week! Let us know how it goes! Have a good day. :)
Day 6 begins.....
Can't believe I have got to day 6!
It justs feels so right this time. I know it's a dangerous time, too, as I could become to complacent and think I have this all under control. This is,also, the time when I realise how long the road is and that can be quite daunting, so message to self...''concentrate on the day ahead only''!

Tessieg1....thanks! Early days for both of us but, the days melt away, just like the fat!
Day 7 begins...
Just 22 hours away from completing a whole, first, week. So pleased with myself!
Though , I have come out of Ketosis, which , of course, is my fault for having that glass of wine and have been nibbling at the grapes in the fridge! The last of those are now in the dog! Luckily she eats anything.

Trying not to focus on the road ahead, today, though it's so hard not to think about future losses...want this weight loss so bad!

I hope the next week passes as quickly as this one has.

It's getting a bit difficult to find excuses to not eat when people ask if I will meet for dinner,etc. I just don't want to tell anyone yet, somehow, having this ''secret'' makes me feel stronger?

Tomorrow morning's weigh-in is looming...!! Yay
Delicious Jax well done on your progress you are doing so well, You and I were about thwe same weight when we started and its my fourth day, You sound so much like me I am so happy that I have got to day four I too normally give up on day 2 or even day one.!!!:eek:
Well done you its brilliant I had a little sneaky weigh this morning and I had lost 10 pounds!!!!!:confused: Ans I am in ketosis woohoo!!
We can do this!!!
Hannah x x
That's an amazing loss, Hannah! Congratulations on your hard work!
You still have 3 days to weigh-in, too!
Have to admit to being a bit peckish today....didn't help when I took my nephew to the shop and he was choosing a sweetie....I am sure I was drooling! Lol.
But, I resisted.

It's a beautiful day outside but, am staying home, no walks down by the river, as I have to pass a kfc and a McDonalds ,not that I ever eat out of those 2 places but, when you feel a tad hungry...any port would tempt me today.So staying home and getting on with trying to stay busy.
Together we can do this. What's your goal and how did you come to using CD?


N.B....It's 9pm and just checked if I am back in Ketosis....thank goodness, I am. Phew...a relief! Lol
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Week 2 begins....
I am so happy this morning....have lost 11lbs in this first week!!:bliss:

I had 2 days out of Ketosis, due to a blinking glass of wine that I don't even like, so am pleased with the result.

Have woken feeling a tad weak this morning and an awful taste in my mouth but, can put up with it if I really try.:)


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Well done! 11lbs, that's fantastic! Only 3lbs away from the stone!!!!:D

Have you lost any inches?

Ah, the good old effects of ketosis on your body: weightloss and......stinking breath :p
Thanks, Elie. Forgot to measure myself at the start!
But, I know I have lost inches as trousers are more loose and bras fitting better.

Feel a bit weak today and feel low to the point of being quite miserable...all to be expected from time to time. Am going to have a very early night and go to my bed as am short-tempered , too.

I will be fine tomorrow, I'm sure.

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