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Extra Easy Can pickled onions count toward your 1/3?


I ♥ Slimming World :)
I know onions are superfree, and that they would count toward your 1/3 on the plate.

I know before the rules changed that vinegar was classed as superfree, and would therefore mean that pickled onions would also count toward your 1/3.

BUT now that superfree (for 1/3 purposes) only covers most fruit and veg I wonder if pickled onions count?

Anyone know for sure?

Thanks :D
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I ♥ Slimming World :)
Ooooh, found my own answer - it was written in big letters at the top of the page in the food optimising book I had been staring at for ages :8855:

And the answer is YES INDEEDY :D woohoo


I ♥ Slimming World :)
You know the pack you are given when you join (it changed beginning of the year), it has lots of booklets in it; The main book is 'food optimising' and it is in that, page 12:

"Nearly all vegetables are superfree foods! Enjoy them fresh, frozen, canned or pickled in vinegar"

I actually still use my original food optimising book for my weigh ins but I bought the new pack (with the new book) for the updated information. It has REALLY helped with the new rules on EE!!


Lover of Extra Easy
I also bought the new pack, as it gives more info than the old one.
I also use my old book for weigh in but only read the new one for info.
How is the EE going? I bet you love it ;)


I ♥ Slimming World :)
So far so good ... had a lovely cooked breakfast and delicious lunch. I've listed it all in my diary so people can check for me I have the right end of the stick lol. I feel like such a noob!


Lover of Extra Easy
Dave, don't call yourself a noob :mad:
You have done so well and are such an inspiration... and your jean size is absolutely amazing! Well done!!
Your diary is just fine... you will do well on EE :). You must be feeling like a new man!
I find an easy way to have my s.f. 1/3 is to use pickles. I have onions, gherks, beetroot, red cabbage, cauli, whatever I can find really! Bit windy, mind!

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