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Can some one just clarify for me about extra easy...

....Here is a days plan for me on extra easy, i love the plan, but it doesnt seem to be loving me. am i doing it wrong?
Thanks xx
Free Food
3 nectarines, plum, syn free sausages, 2 eggs, chicken, pasta, corn on the cob, potato, bacon tomatoes, baked beans, onion, red pepper, mushrooms, pasta n sauce

A:skimmed milk
B:3 pagen krisprolls

Salad cream:3

Am i doing it wrong?
I just dont understand?Thanks x
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it looks ok hon but maybe you should have more super free foods like more fruit ?


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You definately need more syns. 3 per day is going to hinder your weight loss rather than help. Aim for 15 per day, unless your consultant has told you otherwise.

Natt x


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I agree with both ronniejacobs and squiddie - you need to eat more! Difficult to get your head round, I know, but it works. I eat far more (of the right things!) than my oh and it's me that loses the weight :D
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I'm on extra easy and i feel like im eating tonnes of food, I was worried that I'm eating too much, but when I got weighed on Thursday nite I had lost 5 pounds!! I do eat lots of Superspeed foods tho, if im at home all day, im eating every hour, but still seem to lose. Seems like the more I eat, the more I lose! :). And definately use up your syns, thats what makes u feel like your not on a diet, if i've had a stressfull day, i'll have a bar of cadburys dairy milk in the evening for 13 1/2 syns. x


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I really think the secret is in the superspeed foods and that SW should make them a 'must do' rather than a 'recommended'. I think that eating them means you're less likely to overdo the free foods. Yes I know that they're free and can be eaten in unlimited amounts but the reality is any food eaten to excess can potentially lead to weight gain. Well maybe not lettuce :D
the advised syns per day for Extra Easy is 10-15, so you should be aiming at no less than 10 syns a day.

Other than that I think you food plan looks fine. Maybe a bit more fruit if you can, as someone suggested.

Also are you drinking plenty of fluid/water? Too much fibre and not enough fluid can leave you bunged up.


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The only thing I could add to the good advice above is that tho pasta is free having it twice a day won't do any harm but really doesn't give you much variety, for example a baked potato might be an idea. (You are making the pasta n sauce with just water aren't you? Otherwise it's synned)


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Maybe you're one of the people who EE just won't work for. If you're definitely not eating anything extra, not adding butter or milk outside of HE to pasta and sauce, not stealing a couple of chips off your mate's plate at lunch, not 'forgetting' that you left the skin on your chicken, having cups of tea and accidentally going over your milk allowance... hun I really really don't know.

Maybe up your Body Magic a bit by stomping round the block or the park 3 times a week, throw in some more fruit and veg, drink green tea instead of regular and see how you go?

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