Can somebody set my mind at ease

Gene Genie

Mad as cheese
Hi All

This week for lunch I have made a huge batch of parsnip soup

It contains
Vecon stock
Cumin, Corriander, Garlic, Chilli and Paprika, Salt & Pepper

Was just talking to a colleague and said im doing green days all week so i can have my parsnip soup and fill up because its free

she reckons its not

I have made gallons of the stuff and I am now wondering if I have lost the plot as i have used veg and vecon and a few spices

I know due to the parsnips it wouldnt be free on Red but I thought it would be on green am i a thicko or is she ?

Gen xx
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I would say its free

Mrs V

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I agree with the others Hun...its free on a Green Day..sounds lovelly too!!

Gene Genie

Mad as cheese
Ta ladies i can munch it happy in the knowledge that I was right :)

Its a variation on my squash soup in the recipie thread because I went to asda and they had no squash but they had packs of parsnips for 37p so i bought lots n lots!

Gen x


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She's probably just confused about the stock and thinking there are syns in it. But you're right the vecon is free.


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is she doing slimming world or weight watchers! lol. mm sounds yum!


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Nice idea! I love parsnip soup. I have my book in front of me and parsnips are definitely free on green.

Eat away! :eating:

Gene Genie

Mad as cheese
it was lovely , i just told her it is deffo free and she is still insisting it isnt so i said why and she goes i dunno it just isnt
Think she has been shot down !
Gen x