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Can someone help explain, so confused!!!


I will do this!!!
Im doing EE this week for the first time. I dont really understand how you can lose weight when your eating basically ANYTHING you want. There's so much potato and pasta on EE and all i see is im eating loads of carbs that surely cant help me lose weight. I just dont get it. The EE food isn't that different from what my normal diet used to be and i wouldn't have joined SW if that kind of diet didn't result in me being over weight. I just dont feel confident in having a loss this week. :(
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What makes EE is that at least 1/3 of your meals should be superfree fruit and veg, and your snacks should all be superfree.

If your pasta (etc) portions are huge, then you should also be finding your salad/veg portions are too :eek: If done properly, 1/3 is a noticeably big pile of veg :)

Snacks should be superfree fruit and veg.

It is this superfree element that makes or breaks the weightloss on EE.


I will do this!!!
Oh i didn't realise all the snacks need to be superfree. cheers :)
I know what you are saying about it feeling just like pre-SW food, but the devil is in the details. Lean cuts of meat, no oil, no cheese, no creamy sauces, low fat versions of mayo and marg.......all of these switches make a massive difference.

EE works essentially because it encourages you to eat high density low fat foods. When EE was first introduced at the beginning of 2009 it didn't insist on 1/3rd superfree OR superfree snacking and I lost weight every week on it without these elements- it just works. As of 2010 when 1/3rd superfree and superfree snacking were pushed more it was just as my lossess were slowing so when I started doing this my losses boosted again, but EE isn't solely about the superfree element. It is essentially allowing you to eat food that is filling and healthy without counting or weighing.

Try not to think too hard about it- just do it and accept that it works and is wonderful
As far as superfree snacking goes on EE, they say to reach for superfree first as snacks. This doesn't mean that you can't have other free foods as snacks.
If you look at their EE sample menus in the magazine or on the website they have non-superfree foods suggested as snacks too.


I will do this!!!
thanks guys

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