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Can someone kick my butt ! AGAIN


Ok, started this diet in April.. (starting weight 21 stone 9lb)

everything went brilliantly up until the last 3-4 weeks,

The odd biccie here, the odd packet of low fat i might say crisps there.. and to be honest i have wasted the last month..

I have neither lost or gained in the last 3-4 weeks, and its really getting me down.. :cry:current weight (15 stone 2lb) my target set by myself is 14 stone exactly, so im almost there !!!

I need some inspiration, i need someone to say NO!!
Yeah i know its only me that can say that, as im shovelling them treats in,

Would be interested if anyone else has experienced this, and how that got thru the tough patches,


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Do you drink much water, I have upped mine and I seem to be shifting weight again.

You are doing fab, have you spoke to your cdc about it to see what they recommend.
Icemoose is full of great advice maybe you could pm him.

Don`t forget the Norfolk meet saturday 6th october, where you can have a gentle kick up the butt lol
S: 20st7lb C: 11st7lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 25.2 Loss: 9st0lb(43.9%)
HI Canary,

You have sent me lots of motivation by PM in the past so hopefully I can send some your way today.

I have to give you both a pat on the back and a kick up the bum Im afraid.

The pat on the back is for losing 6 and a half stones since April. Thats an awesome achievement and I hope you are proud of yourself. I can only imagine how much your quality of life must have improved now that you have lost the weight of posh spice!

Now for the kick up the bum. No one can finish this journey for you. You have to take control yourself.

If eating crisps and biscuits is the way you want to live your life then carry on - and I guarantee that you will be back up to 20 stones within a year. You will then have to start this horrendous journey again. If you hadnt messed around this last month you would be at target by now.

You have managed 6 months without crisps and biscuits so what has changed? Try to think about why you started this journey in the first place. Are you truly happy at the size you are now? (Im sure you are happier than when you started but would you be content to maintain your current weight?)

Come on Canary. You can do this. I have had my own struggles this week and have managed to gain 6lb in 3 days! I have had to take myself by the scruff of the neck and give myself a kick up the arse. Find the strength to carry on. Its in you somewhere.

Thanks all so much for your replies, i know that i have to finish this, and yeah i know that if i hadnt have pee'd about i could have got to my goal by now..

But tomorrow is another day, and i will get back on track..

thanks everyone for your support x


has started again!!
I have been the same, but I keep on trying. Its only when we stop trying that we fail. If I can find it in me to carry on somehow, you can too. You know its worth it.

There you are - BUTT KICKED!!

Thinking of you!
Hi there - huge congratulations on losing so much weight!

I'm at target now - but like a lot of people I found it hard to keep going when I was about a stone away from goal. Your motivation does wobble. If you thread search on things like 'approaching target' you'll find lots of people who have wobbled, too, or found it hard to keep pushing for the finish line when you're already feeling so many benefits from losing, or whose self-sabotage demons decide to start having tantrums when we're so near success. So you're not alone... I think this is just another stage in the journey and learning about yourself.

Someone - I think it's Karion Dieting - wrote a whole lot of sense about needing to review and if needed change your goals as you get nearer target. Sitting down with yourself, looking at why you want to do this, why it matters to you to get to the weight you set originally (if it does) and what has changed really helped me. The map does change as you go along and I think breaking the diet is a clear sign that your mind and body are ready for some adjustments to the diet, which if you keep denying them just leads to rebellion and all-out pig outs!

Are you still on SS? If so, have you discussed moving up to 790 for a while, or for the rest of the diet, with your CDC? It saved my bacon - I just couldn't SS any more, and rather than beating myself up for not doing this 'perfectly' I got a plan I could live with, stick to and reach target on. Lots of luck - please don't see yourself as a failure but as someone learning something useful about themselves and their old habits. It's all part of the CD road trip!
i'm so with you on this one! Congratulations on your fabulous loss so far! I have 6lbs left to get to goal and have been faffing around, so instead of trying to do SS, i now have 3 packs a day, veg and/or fruit and some nuts...i know i should not have the nuts, but its keeping me from going nuts lol, i also have some chocolate now and again (ok the 4 bars on friday was an abberation!) I'm not saying that this is the best way to go, it isn't, but if it gets me there in the end then it will do for me. Still not sure i have dealt with the emotional eating, but at least i know i'm doing it now and why and am trying to work on what it is i really want (which probably isn't chocolate!)

Good luck!!!!


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