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Can SW not work for some people.....???

Ok, you'll all prob think I'm being stooopid here, but have bn on SW for a week (2day is my 7th day), + have loved every minute of it and have had no trouble stickin to it - but as I think I've said b4, why do I feel itz not wrkng 4 me? Now don't get me wrong, I'm far from a doom+gloom gal, FAR from it (the glass is ALWAYS half full) - but I dunno, itz not just about how we can't believe how much we can eat, itz more than that - I still feel that no weight has shifted, not that THAT'S the problem after only 1 week, itz prob cos I infact don't feel hungry - and my tum does stick out sometimes - cld this be due to not eating ENOUGH!!??
Sample of what I mostly have: (all green):

Lotza fruit thru the day (fresh) plus veg
Lotza baked beans thru the day
Batchelors Savoury Rice/Quorn bangers + Quorn chicken) again as and when

HEA: tried 350ml skim milk but never used it all up the 2 days I tried it, so now itz mainly 6 x Lite L.Cows plus a slice (28g) Edam

HEB: mostly 4 x Ryvitas plus 2 x WW or Nimble bread

Diet 'Kick' (Tesco's Red Bull), diet coke, black coffee, water.

In my heart of hearts, I know I'm doin it all right but maybe itz because I'm so used to always feeling hungry when I've tried to cut down b4..???

Has anyone else felt it not wrkng the 1st week, even tho they KNOW they're doin it right???
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Alot of people feel like this, it because you dont feel like your on a diet BUT wait for your weekly weigh in and let us know how you do .
Ruthy xxx
Thnx Ruthy - am doin this on me tod at home and as today is my 7th day, I should .... SHOULD ... in reality weigh myself 2mrrw morning but I dunno - maybe my protruding tummy is wind (!), as I have bin on the beans a lot cos I love 'em - but like I say, I know I haven't cheated and have stuck to the SW plan - also as I've said b4, I did ask if you have to be a minimum weight in order to be allowed to eat all this lush grub and was told no, so I've been eating freely like anyone else - any time of the day, as and when I'm peckish - oh, the syns : have been red wine only (plus 1 rich tea bikky last Fri) - did somebody say u have to use yr syns in order to lose the weight, cos tonite I'll have my usual 10 plus 10 left over from yday???
Last point to make: I also read that smebody didnt lose wweight cos hey ate too much fruit!!! Can that possibly be true?? I eat lotza fruit!!! Have been peeing a lot, so I know I don't have water retention.
Any answers to the aboev mate, as I am a bit dubious starting another week on SW - but I want to!!! Need to know it works for me tho ... is it just me being a wally??


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It will be very ineteresting to see what your weightloss is. I do know what you mean though. There always seems to be such a lot of food involved and even the diet drinks have stuff in them that isn't healthy. Works for millions though doesn't it so i can't wait to see how you do at weigh-in.


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I have 'done' SW on and off for years and I must say that for some people, some foods can have a negative effect on weight loss.
I have known some people who ate too many 'free' Mullerlight yogurts, to be dissapointed with their loss at the end of the week.
Even grapes have been known to be the culprit for some. Don't forget, all fruit contains sugar, albeit natural, its still sugar!
It really is just trial and error though and if you start to see a pattern emerging then its time to look into exactly what you are eating.
Also a lot of people find they lose better and feel less bloated if they follow red days, thats certainly true for myself unfortunately, as I love carbs!!

Having said that, for most people, you really can eat as much as you want and still lose
It works, honestly it does, you have to stop questioning how though, just look at some of the amazing losses on here!!! lol



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Sam, that is so true. Everyones body works differently and sometimes it's just about finding those trigger foods. I was told by a pharmacist when I couldn't 'go' that eating too much fruit cn make you constipated. I have always found that when I stick rigidly to it it doesn't work so well for me but just lately I've been doing terribly myself. Where do you weigh yourself? Go to somewhere like Boots to make your WI more 'official'. That way you will have a truer idea of how you are doing
Yep im afraid what they are saying is ture, esp with banana's and grapes, i know one lady in my group who puts on weight if she has been eating mullar lights.

Everyone is different at the end of the day, i find if i eat alot of quorn i stay the same. mad isnt it considering how low in fat it is.

Give it time and you will find out what gives you good weight losses and what foods speed it up.

Ruthy xxx
Ruthy xxx


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S: 13st12lb C: 12st6.5lb G: 11st10lb BMI: 25.8 Loss: 1st5.5lb(10.05%)
just wolfed down 2 Nimbles and bakes beans - niceeee!!! If I have a Muller, I have one over a coupla days and I don't eat bananas and have steered clear of grapes, so hopefully I'm on the right track!!!

The thing is, what works for one , might not work for another!
You might be absolutely fine with Mullers, bananas and grapes.....but there may be another demon food that affects you. As I said in my last post, its all about trial and error.
Don't go avoiding certain foods just yet, its only if your losses stop that you need to look at what you are eating......hopefully you will be ok with ALL foods!
Also, don't worry if you don't lose on the first weigh in either. As dissapointing as it is, its quite a common occurance.



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When i joined sw a couple of years ago, the first week i didn't feel as if i had lost anything and felt really bloated, and when i had my first weigh in i only lost half a pound, i was so disapointed but the following week i lost 6. I eat lots of pasta and rice and i think i lose weight quicker when i have red days. Let us know how you get on when you weigh yourself.

b x

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