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Can that be right??

Hi All,
Am I imagining this...
I started back on my CD yesterday and this morning I woke up and got dressed and I normally can't stand to wear my trousers done up as they don't fit that well but the legs are fitted nicely!
I'm an odd shape I think... Big boobs, tummy but smaller bum and legs!!
Anyway so I got dressed and did the button up and they felt ok!!
Could I really notice a differentce after one day or am I wishing it to happen?? ha ha!!

Looking forward to losing all my weight soon!
x x x
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Going for Goal!
lol well it certainly sounds like it. The first week you always loose a lot of weight, if you were in between sizes, it's quite possible that you have slipped into the smaller size :) Here's hoping wi is as grand for you as it was putting your trousers on this morning! lol They will soon be falling down, so I wouldn't get too attached! Hugs x x x
Hi there kelly

I def think thats possible! I always notice a difference the first few days, it feels great and gives u the motivation to carry on, good look with ur c.d journey

I noticed last time that my tummy flattened out over the first few days - it's all that rubbish we're NOT eating!

Here's to me having the same luck tomorrow :D
Thanks Girls!
I though I must be wishing it but they didn't feel as tight as they have done when doing them up before!
I'd LOVE for them to be falling down..hahahahaha!!
These are a size 16 and to think I could be buying a size 14 just doesn't feel real.
YAY Cambridge Diet!!!!
x x x
I'm looking forward to getting weighed next week!!
I felt a bit light headed last night but I remeber that from last time so wasn't too worried aloth I'm trying to up my water in take this time too,
Sixe 10 LOL LOL can't ever see myself saying "Oh these size 10's fit well" ha ha ha
Funny thing is I know if I stick to it I could be a size 10 again!
HOPE to have lost 3 stone by beginning of Feb as I get married in March, That'll put my at 9.9!!
Good for u Kelly!! How u finding it this time round? This is my 2nd c.d journey and i must admit this time its alot harder

Wow I should really slow down typing...Seen all the bad spelling etc x x

I'm only on day 2 and I'm not finding it too bad but I'm sure it'll get harder!
I NEED to do this for me!
I always hide from photos etc and on my wedding day I really can't hide so I really want to feel good!

What are you finding hard this time round?
I'm taking one day at a time!
lol if i get to a size 10 i'm purposefully gonna take size 12 stuff into the changing room then very loudly announce that i need the nice changing room assistant to bring me a size ten please! :wee:
Hahahahahaha minx. I dont particularly know what it is this time Kelly, perhaps its because i havent got as much to lose as last time? Im really not sure. I find im not as strict with myself as before, if i want a ss+ meal on an evening il have it, if i want to come off plan on a sat nite i do, previously I would have been mortified to even think like that, not now tho

good for you jules! maybe not being so scrict and agonising over every asect of the diet is the key to sucess! i comletely failed at LL after 4 weeks as it was just too much pressure to be completely abstinent and the attitude was kinda 'there is no excuse!!' from my LLC..
well done for doing this in time for your wedding kelly!! i rushed to get married in mar 2008, 6 months after having my daughter and i now regret it. i didnt lose the weight and wore a size 16 dress. the only thing you have left forever after your wonderful day is the photos and if you're unhappy and akward looking in them its horrible to look back on.. xx
Think ur right minx, I dont wana end up being obssessed with it all again like i was last time, however I cant seem to stop myself from feeling guilty everytime something passes my lips!! Ive only got 12lbs to lose now and im thinking if i do it slowly ive got a better chance of keeping it off

Minx...HA HA HA HA HA HA at the shop assistant comment!!
I'd LOVE to have to do that!!
Yeah I'm doing it so I feel good when I look at the pictures or to just not think "Oh please don't take pictures of me"
I've ordered my dress and it's been ordered in a size 18 I'd so love to walk in there in Feb for my dress fitting and for it to have to be taken in by BIG amounts!
I'd be happy to pay the fees to have it altered as that would make me feel great!!!

Jules..I think Minx is right too, if I really want something I'll have it as I feel being to strict doesn't work for me and to be honest I was still happy with my weight losses if I had eaten.
Whatever works is the way I look at it!

I'm on Day two and 100% so far although my OH has Wednesdays off and always wants to go out somewhere and then he'll want lunch out and then I feel bad saying no so I always have something on Wednesdays...For once though I'm not looking forward to it, I really want to stay 100% for as long as I can!

You'll get there, don't be too hard on yourself.
x x x x

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