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Can we have C d mix a mouse on LL?

G: 12st0lb
HI everyone,
Can anyone tell me if they have used the Cambridge Mix a Mouse on LL and been OK? My daughter 'Bye Bye Bingo Wings' is on Cd and has got me some as I am longing to make a mouse especially as I am going on holiday and probaly be too hot to have soups so I thought it would be a lovely treat.
Any answers gratefully recieved.
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has started again!!
I bought some CD mix a mousse, and have used it in LL with no problem at all. I found it an absolute treat, and a life saver!!!


The Diet Guy
Yep I used it all the time before I actually move over to Cambridge with no problems at all.



The Diet Guy
Officially LL will obviously not recommend it as it isn't part of their programme or system.

But if you choose to use it then the Mix A Mousse product is available from any Cambridge counsellor and doesn't require an medical information forms or anything as it isn't actually a diet sachet in it's own right.



The Diet Guy
It's lovely!! Changes the pack from a quick drink to a bowl full of angel delight tasting mousse that takes 10 minutes to eat with a small spoon as you relax at the end of a hard day....
Question about mix a mousse do you mix the shakes with it or is in ready mixed sorry if its a daft question:confused:
Since moving to LL I am loving mix a mousse and wish I had used it on LL. Banana and butterscotch both tatse exactly like I remember angel delight! My CDC allows me to buy mam for friend who is on LL- she is very happy with it.
I have looked on ebay :eek:so expensive could you tell me how much it is from a CD counselor I would like to no how much they are ripping me off before I buy it LOL:crazy:
GOSH they are making a mint on eBay the cheapest Iv seen it is £9.99 then you have p&p what a rip off:eek:


The Diet Guy
Any counsellor can sell this to anyone without a medical form as it isn't a diet sachet.

Please don't buy it from Ebay as it just fuels people selling Cambridge products on Ebay which clearly is not a good idea! also you get ripped off!!

Don't worry I wont be buying it from eBay its a rip of , problem is i don't no of any CD counselors:sigh:

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