Can we take Dulco ease?


I have used it with no problems, but maybe a counsellor will be along shortly and give you a proper answer.

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I have never heard of them before tell you the truth. so I will be interested in the answer.:confused:
Do you have a problem down below then? sorry to be personal.
Have you used Fibre 89 before?

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I was also wondering about this. I am having a similar problem to Bigmama2littlemama.

I have tried the psyllium husk capsules and they've made me ill, and I don't think I want to try the fibre 89 if it has a similar effect.

I'm taking senokot max strength to help and it does but there is discomfort. Sorry if this is gross.

I would really like to try the Dulcolease so I'm looking forward to a response.



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Please do not use them as they will knock you out of ketosis. One of my clients has problems with constipation on CD and she started to use them and did not lose any weight for the 3 weeks she was using them. When she stopped using them her weight loss went back to normal. They contain sorbitol which is a no no on vlcds or any diet for that matter. Hope this helps


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Thanks for that Redpam, i have also used them as my LLC said they were fine however i only lost 2 1/2 lb last week but did not make the conection.

Will avoid them. Do you know if there's anything else to help the problem??


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In a previous thread, they talk about movicol which seems to work and has not affected weightloss.


Hi Davica,

You are drinking enough water:confused:

wannabeminime would be the expert on movicol.

I have not tried psyllium husk, but I have tried dulco-lax which is recommended. Don't know anything about the new Dulco ease :(

I do find myself that if you take one teaspoonful of fibre89 every day it keeps things moving and it has no taste. You can add it to hot or cold drinks.

You can get fibre 89 from your CDC or fibre clear which is the similar from your Chemist.

A 20 minute brisk walk also helps if you are up for it!

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The molecules in Movicol are too big to be absorbed, so just pass through the gut. They 'hang on' to the water molecules, meaning that the water isnt absorbed either, so it passes through to the stool, gets absorbed into the stool, softening it, meaning that you have a 'normal', comfortable bowel movement. Make sure you use the correct amount of water as the water becomes the active ingredient. You can take up to 8 sachets in a day if you are 'impacted', after that, well, i take 2 every 3 or 4 days whilst ssing as theres not much there to get rid of!


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I bought some sachets of the the movicol but haven't tried it yet. I really don't want to have to go when I'm at work so I'm waiting for the weekend to get the process started.

Mini - I think I'll try Fibre 89 and see how that goes.

I use movicol and have done for months now, it is a great solution and is non habit forming unlike senna, dulco, etc. I don't have any side effects at all from it unlike the Fibre 89-that stuff is awful for me LOL! Gives me horrendous gripes in my stomach. None of that with Movicol. I use two a day, one in morning and one at night, works a treat! If constipation is very very bad you can take more but not for more than three days if more than three a day! Avoid senna for more than a week without a weeks break, it is very habit forming and can cause feacal incontinence!!!

PS Movicol is available on prescription, works out much cheaper! Tell GP you use two a day and you'll get 60 for £6.85!!
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is there a big diff between dulcolax and dulcoease? Jsut curious.. i use the perles.. But i find sometimes (even though i know how strong they are.. lol..) they just arent strong enough.. *embarrased*.. lol

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The difference is one is an osmotic laxative, the other is a purgative laxative. Dulcoease is a stool softener and works in exactly the same way as movicol-it makes the stools retain more moisture, making them softer. Dulcolax is a laxative like senna is, it is very habit forming and not suitable for long term use, can be very dangerous and cause incontinence yikes! Not wanting to sound crude but lax forces stools out whereas ease softens it making it easier to pass. Dulcoease is safe to use long term but I still prefer movicol (essentially the same product but available on prescription). If your dose of ease doesn't quite work, up it slightly, there's no problem with that at all. Just don't go onto the Lax, baaaaaaad move LOL!
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but if your a sole sourcing person.. there isnt that much to soften up.. and can often still leave you like.. "stuck" shall we say.. lol.. or am i wrong?

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LOL, are you IBS or not? That'd explain the 'stuck' feeling! I use peppermint oil (colpermin capsule) which helps to relax everything. I'm SS and find that after spending years filling my body with crap it went into shock at not having that anymore, I lost 42lbs just doing healthy eating and I have been chronically constipated ever since! It is awful, I rely on movicol to keep me going. Lactulose is fab but banned LOL. For a 'stuck' feeling I'd recommend the peppermint oil to relax things and the movicol or dulcoease to soften it. If absolutely necessary you could try senna to push it out but that is a last resort solution! And never to be used for more than a week without a break of a few days inbetween!


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no.. im not.. just when im not eating.. you know.. i kinda feel bloated sometimes.. and constipated.. I only ever use the perles once a week.. usually on a saturday when i know im not going anywhere.. lol..

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Well using them once a week won't do any harm whatsoever. I live off bloody movicol! It has become me best friend!!


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lol.. bless.. i was thinking i might try something more effective.. but i guess i might just see how it carries on using these..
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Personally I'd take a very small dose every couple of days. Is it a substance you add to the CD drinks or do you mix it with water? The movicol, you mix it with 125ml of water, as a maintenance does I'd have 50ml every day, that wouldn't do you any harm I wouldn't think but if dulcoease works well for you, stick with it although I am Miss Movicol haha!!