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Can you change counsellors?

I am doing the foundation course at the moment but would like to do the developers and RTM with another counsellor.

Our one is like a cold fish! - thought it was just me so kept quiet about how I felt but then last week all the rest of the group mentioned it afterwards. Well, whats left of them - the group has shrunk from 12 to 6 people in 6 weeks despite the ones leaving having had good weight loss.

Basically she comes across as not caring about our weight loss at all and just the cash - we were all waiting outside to come into the main room and without even saying "hello girls" or something similar she just said to her assistant "have you taken their money?" - eyebrows raised by most people at that one..!!!

Basically, if I change do I have to get all the medical blurb done again or can I just transfer "my account" ?

Anyone know?

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I would think you can just transfer and Lighter Life (head office) would transfer your records. Our LLC left, and head office sent us a list of the others in the area, so picked the next closest and there was no bother really. Have a word withh LL Office, they'd be able to tell you straight away.
What a shame for you, and all the other ladies who have left beacuse of her.
Don't let her spoil it for you, it is so worth doing.


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Just find out what other LLCs are in your area. Visit them, choose one you like and ask to join their developers as from the week you finish Foundation. I'm sure they will be delighted and as Ice says, HQ should transfer the records.

A good LLC can make a huge difference for long term success in changing previous behaviours and keeping the weight off.

All the best. xx


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I changed after signing up as the LLC I signed up with cancelled the one weekly session I could go to. I just found another one and called her and it was all arranged. My medical notes etc were transferred and I just carried on.

You might find that when you move you'll meet up with some of the ladies who left your foundation group!

Also I think that LLCs in a local area tend to know each other and I doubt that your new LLC will be surprised to be picking up the other's group members.

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