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Can you eat too many eggs?

I was just wondering if is possible to eat too many eggs on SW? I mainly do green days not EE so they are superfree aren't they (or have they changed it for all the plans?)

I have been using eggs EVERYWHERE - and they still haven't come out of my ears :D

But is there a point when you eat too many eggs? They are 90 cals each..so they must end up on your hips eventually??
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Not on my hips. But they did have an effect on my relationship with my white porcelain pal in the bathroom. When I had eggs everyday, I went about twice a week. Now I´m on once a day. It´s more difficult - they were my breakfast - but I feel better for it.

It didn't stop my WL having eggs every day tho


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I try to use more egg white than yolk as that is were the fat and cholesterol hides. So for every 2 eggs I ise I only have 1 yolk. Sometimes I have just an egg white omlette...lovely with cottage cheese on for brekkie with some tomatoes to add colour!
mmmhh...I don't quite agree with the egg yolk theory :) Egg yolks are really good for you - the cholesterol in the eggs won't raise your blood cholesterol..that's an urban myth..It's too much sugary and fatty food. The cholesterol in eggs is good cholesterol. But I guess that too much of anything might be bad..hence the question..but have eggs ever stalled anybody's weight loss on SW?


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There is cholesterol in eggs but it does not make a big contribution to cholesterol in your blood. This was debunked several years ago and now you are actually encouraged to eat eggs. So no need to restrict yourself.
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I love eggs. Have veg frittata every day for breakfast.
Ellebear said:
I buy the 2 chicks egg whites.

You can make super low fat omlettes!

Oh my goodness...that's weird...haha..didn't even know this stuff exists! That must have been a huge gap in the market;-)

Never mind, I prefer mine with the yolks:)


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Eggs - although free on all plans - are not considered (I believe) to be superfree - just free. (same with yogurts, etc).

There is now no government guidelines about maximum number of eggs as the cholestrol theory has been debunked as someone has already said.

So the only time to stop eating them, or stuff made with them - is when you're no longer hungry. :) (Of course sitting down and eating a dozen hard boiled a day is kind of pushing the mantra of "in moderation" a little). :)


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I find them useful on Red days, as i can have an egg based breakfast - and then use a HEB choice at lunch and dinner - alternatively, i have the eggs in SW quiches at lunch and split my HEB over brekkie and evening meals instead!!!!



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didnt know that about the cholestrol!!! You learn something new everyday....still prefer my egg whites over yolks though...weird isnt it...its like when i switched over from semi skimmed milk to skimmed milk....cant go back now! bleugh! haha
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I'm definitely with you about the skimmed milk thing! My mum started having skimmed milk when she was doing weight watchers about 2 years ago and at first I thought it was absolutely disgusting but slowly got used to it. Now I always have skimmed but my OH always has semi-skimmed. If ever we run out of my skimmed and I have to use a bit of his even in tea it makes me feel sick! My brother is even worse, 2 pints of whole milk at least as milkshakes every day, ewwwww!
All of the Vitamins A D and E in an egg are in the yolk. Also it contains choline which is an important nutrient for the brain.

When I was given dietary advice when I had heart problems I was given a leaflet (I think it was from the British Heart Foundation, but I am not sure) which said that eating eggs was fine, as the cholesterol in them did not affect blood cholesterol. This was about 15 years ago!!!

It has taken a while for this information to filter through.


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Eggs are a fantastically versatile food, they are highly nutritious and a near perfect protein. The cholesterol in them is dietary cholesterol that is significantly different from the 'bad' blood cholesterol and as such one has no impact on the other. I always keep to free range (organic when on offer!) and I no longer worry about how many I eat. Today I have had four, although two a day would be more normal for me!
It's not that I eat eggs whole all the time...I just have them in a lot of stuff..omelettes, carbonara, SW-friendly cakes...When I eat them whole and boiled I find, too that they make me feel constipates..bleugh...

So I guess on one has had a problem so far when it came to weight loss? That's good :)
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I have eggs every day for breakfast supplied by our pet garden chickens - lovely and fresh delish! :D

So am really glad there seems to be no adverse effect on SW.

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