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Can you eat too much fruit?

Someone (at work) said a throwaway line yesterday saying they'd never sen anyone eat so much fruit!

It wasn't said in a malicious way, by the way, and the person who said it also said they "don't do fruit".

My fruit are snack replacements and I had a medley of strawberries, blueberries, then had a banana, apple, and pear spread over 6 hours by the way. Normally as I say, I'd have had a couple of packets of crisps etc.

I'll need to possibly keep an eye on the banana intake, but they're all ok aren't they? I'm diabetic, and my blood sugars are fine too.

Perhaps I should have some veg sticks to spread the 5-a-day between both fruit and veg?
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same here... I take loads of fruit into work with me to stop picking at the biscuits that always lurk around our office. I've always lost with eating lots of fruit so I wouldnt worry about it

I ate mountains of fruit salads for my first 4 weeks. Constantly eating it and I'd eat a pack of pre packed fruit in one sitting.
But this week I don't even think one grape has passed my lips -for the plain reason i'm bloody bored of it lol
Thanks - everything suggests it was ok (just the banana habit a possible issue).

Perhaps I should vary it and try adding new ones for variety lol. i can understand getting bored with it though - so long as I keep off crisps and crackers etc:D
Yeah I've cut it right out but upped my veg this week. I am wondering if it will affect weight loss. Will see tomorrow night
you can eat too much of anything if you are eating just for the sake of it and not because you are hungry.

So I would say as long as you are eating because you are hungry and just not because it is free then I wouldn't worry.

That said, it is far better to snack on fruit, than biscuits, chocolate or crisps etc


Just doing it this time
IF I ate that much fruit - I'd be parping louder than the dinner gong !! How do you do it?
I must admit i used to be the same and got a similar comment from a colleague but since cutting the fruit down to just normally 1 grapefruit and 1 apple per day, have finally starting losing significantly. Fruit does not work for everyone, just like anything, but as long as you're still getting good losses i wouldn't worry about it... as other people have said, it's much better to eat that than most other things... a tip someone gave me was to take chopped veggies to work instead and i took a couple of bites and put them away... which made me realise i probably was just eating the fruit for the sake of it :rolleyes: just eating when you're hungry is one of the best ways you'll get good losses :)
Any thought on bananas? - I was having one per day, I understand they are rich in potassium, but not the best of the fruits. I've not had them for a couple of days but do actually enjoy them having never been a fan of them before.
I never really understand the rules about bananas, I would have said more than one away would give you a poorly tummy and apparently the browner they are the more sugar they have in them. I can take them or leave them but then I'm not a fruit person anyway really, other than the small lunchbox type apples, black grapes and pink lady apples. Don't listen to anyone else just eat whatever you feel is right at the time.
I tend to eat a lot of fruit and it makes me feel great. i've even moved the fruit bowl next to the fridge so instead or raiding the fridge for choc biscuits i hit the fruit bowl
well I sts this week. Damn i'm back on the fruit lol
I lost 6lb tonight at weigh-in. The fruit stays!!! (cue man from Del Monte jokes)

It has to, I won a bagful as slimmer of the week. I put it down to my extended walks and the fruit. Hurrah!:)

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