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Can you guys please have a look


One last chance
Ok I'm considering trying the SW diet when I finish refeed off my previous diet to get to grips with conqering my food demons. I don't remember following the plan properly before or even understanding it and yet I lost weight on SW anyway. But I've been reading my old booklet and trying to get to grips with how the plan works and I think I kinda have some idea on how it works.

But just to be sure, could you guys take a look at my plan and tell me if it's correct?

Green choice:

Free foods:
Banana, strawberries, kiwi fruit

Healthy extras (a1):
150ml skimmed milk

Healthy extras (b1):
28g Ready Brek Original

Free foods:
Quorn, tomato, lettuce, cucumber, very low fat fromage frais (natural set), banana, strawberries, very low fat natural yogurt

Healthy extras (b2):
2 slices of Kingsmill Tasty Wholemeal Bread

Free foods:
Baking potato, baked beans, lettuce, tomato, cucmber, sweetcorn, quorn.

Healthy extras (a2):
2x Laughing Cow Extra Light Triangle

Custard Donut 12.5

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Looks ok...

What are you drinking? you can have more EL LC than the two as a HE A

The donut ? where has that come from and how have you syn;d it

Well done on your lose thus so far !!!



One last chance
Hi there and thanks :), well done on your losses too, look at them badges!

I guess drinking for me would be just water, I retain a lot of water for some reason LOL.

I'm not firmiliar with the abberviations you used (EL, LC).

LOL as for the doughnut, it says in my booklet

Doughnut, custard,
average, each 12.5 12.5
Extra Low Laughing Cows ( EL LC ) LOL

You must keep up the water to optimize with this plan, you say you retain , this is common but should not impede your loses.

Watch things like donuts with fillings, as they can be hidden time bombs if you endulge on them often. The super market ones do not say what goes into them..... SW states 12 syns but this could be even more.

Don't forget that using 12 syns on one hit, doen't give you much to count during the day for the bits and pieces ., ie gravy, suaces, etc.

Phil x


One last chance
Oh right LOL, oh yes that's something else I was confused about. It says I could have 6! jesus I find it so surprising on how much you can eat on this diet and lose weight :D

Ah I see, yeah I'll be introducing treats and stuff like that only occasionally. And the other thing is, the diet that I am on right now is a VLCD and it totally cleanses my palate so I don't care much more sauces etc, the beginning I wont anyway :).

But yeah, I will defintely be careful. It's just I was going though and I realised that I forgot syns and they are a must otherwise I could gain.

So, I saved them for like a dessert or something, that's why I put down the doughnut LOL


One last chance
I'm on Lipotrim right now but I plan on stopping next week and try to lose the last 10lbs with food.

I started in september. I'll be sure to follow all the steps from refeed before starting SW.


One last chance
Thank you so much :hug99:, I have fully aware that I may gain maybe 7lbs or so, but with SW I'm sure that weight will eventually drop off :)

If I'm going to maintain my weight, I want to do so happily, not freaking out over calories like I did before. That's how I ended up with a disorder :p


Strutting her stuff
Hi! Just one thing that jumped out. The Kingsmill Tasty Wholemeal bread will if I'm right be the 800g loaf? In that case then it's only one slice for your second HEB and not two. It's only two slices of the small 400g slices.


One last chance
Hiya, yeah it's from a 400g loaf it says in the book :)

Doesn't bother me, coz I can have lots of spuds on a GREEEEEEEEEEEEN DAAAAAAY!!



Strutting her stuff
Sorry still not convinced. Are you talking about the 'little big loaf' where the slices are the same as the 800g loaf but you only get half the number of slices? This one?

Healthy Bread | Tasty Wholemeal | Kingsmill

If so then it's still only one slice I'm afraid. The 400g packs where you can have two slices are those like nimble or weight watcher where the slices are a lot smaller than standard.

If in doubt weigh you two slices. You're only allowed 57g so if it's more than that then only one slice for a HEB :(


One last chance
Oh I see, maybe the new food optimising book says something different. I have the old one you see. Ah well. I'll be joining soon so I'll be sure to look out for it :)

Cheers :D

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