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Can You Have A Social Life When On Cd?

Hi _ I am thinking of starting CD next week and already have come up against my first hurdle!! My hubby as a Wedding party next weekend with buffet etc and really wants to go.

I don't want him to miss out but cant stand the thought of being around a whole load of food during week 1. i would delay starting the plan until after the party but want to start asap as they 4 stone to lose by Sept/end August.

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Others may say different but I find this the hardest part of the diet!! I also refuse to let my social life be ruined by dieting but then thats also why my journeys not going to well!!!

Dont get me wrong its a great diet with fab results but it can be tricky!!


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I find this aspect very hard, I went out two nights at the weekend and it was very hard not to eat/drink. I find the drinking part particularly hard as I'm 24 and go out with my friends quite a lot, I have to say I felt kind of left out when they were all drinking and getting tipsy! That said I just think to myself that I want this more than I want a vodka and diet coke. It's a short period of time in your life and you can do it! Is the wedding food a buffet or a sit down meal? If it's a buffet you can easily avoid that by going to the toilet or something when people first start going up :p Then just drink water and you'll be fine! I lost 11lb in my first week so it is worth it, hard - but worth it :) x
thanks both - the food is a buffet. What a challenge for the first week eh?

Good luck to you both with your diets. You have both done so well - do you ever regret starting the diet or is it the best thing you have ever done?
It's an unfortunate aspect of our society that 'social life' almost always equals 'food'.

You can certainly have a social life on CD. Difficult though it may be, it IS possible to swing the focus away from hand-to-mouth activity at a buffet and placing it onto chatting, laughing and mingling with the other guests. A couple of tips ... Have a pack just before you go to stave off hunger (even if it means an extra pack that day), walk around with a glass of water in your hand so you look like you're joining in and most importantly, stay away from the 'business' end of the buffet. It DOES get easier as time goes by (not a lot - but a bit :) )

Ultimately, a lot depends on how much you want to get to your goal. Believe me, it's a lot harder to have a social life when you weigh almost 22st and are sporting the latest fashion in a size 32! Given the choice between a cheese tartlet and getting into a smaller pair of jeans, I'd opt for the Levis ;)
Its the best ever thing I did!!!

Ok, so thinking cap on now, this diet will only work if your head is in the right place. You can easily do the wedding party, I did a big family gathering and managed, a holiday to disneyland paris and managed, and 4 months later Id lost 5 stone.

It will be hard, but its do able, plan everything, get the water at the ready and just think, the do's and buffets never go away, but your weight can and will.

One thing I will say is that for most people, the first time is the golden time, if you start now, then carry on till its done and dusted, then enjoy life.

I did find social aspects hard a lot of the time, but wanted to lose my weight more than I wanted to eat at the buffet.

The 5 months out of my life to be where I wanted to be was worth it, and looking back it was so short, and passed in a flash.

You can do it x


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I don't regret it at all, I'm only just at the end of week 2 so hopefully I'll have a big weight loss tomorrow! I would certainly recommend this diet to others as the weight is dropping off and it keeps you focused. I have tried lots of other diets, including weight watchers (about 4 times!) and, although I have had some success, the progess was so slow I was soon back to my old bad habits. I have managed to stick to this diet and I just know I will be slim, I have truly never really thought that whilst on a diet! Go for it! This site is also a god send as it takes my mind of cravings! I'm not really hungry it's just that I'm used to munching all night so it's getting into new habits! That said, I'm currently watching 'The F-word' on channel 4 and enjoying it despite the vast amount of food they keep showing hehe! Good luck and let us know how you get on! x
Russiandoll - your post made me smile!! I have just looked at your progress pics - WELL DONE YOU !!!! You look fab and have lost soooooooooooo much weight. How long has it taken you?


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Ooo I wanna see! How do I do that?
Look under the avatar and there is a link to the gallery x
Hi angel
I initially started CD on March 24th last year and got down to 12st 7lb by Christmas. I still had 2st 7lb to go to get to my provisional goal but went into a bit of a tailspin over Christmas.

I was back on track by February but had a Depo Provera jab on the advice of my doctor - was the worst thing I could have done. I deteriorated into a hormonal mess and gained 2st 9lb in just three months.

I've started afresh this morning and hope to get to goal by September.
My advice to you would be this .... don't 'think' about doing CD - take a deep breath and just do it! Then once you start, DO NOT STOP ... take it in a single run because restarts are notoriously difficult.

The weight will drop off at a breathtaking speed - very quickly you prefer the feeling of buying smaller clothes to a slice of greasy pizza. It's an amazing diet and I don't regret having done it so far ... my only regret is that I didn't stick with it to the end of my journey. Oh well - we live and learn!

Good luck with making your decision - just remember though that every week you delay it is a quarter of a stone you COULD have lost. :)
WOW! Just looked at the pics (thanks Vicky!) You look amazing! I used to have the Depo jab, oh my god I was an emotional mess! Never again! I gained LOADS of weight when I was having that! Mad! Congrats on the weight loss last year and for getting back on it :) What an inspiration! x

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