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can you have too much fruit?

Hi Folks, i was on holiday last week and went off plan most of the time, i did avoid sweets chocs, and generally most crap, but i wasnt anywhere near sticking to it,

since i came back ive been back on plan but obviously its been a little difficult as ive got used to eating rubbish in the last week im hungry all the time, i know this will drop off in the next few days but im just a little worried about my diet these last few days, espec as its weigh in tonight.

yesterdays food.

200g mangos, 3xbanannas
2 x alpen light bars (hexb)

1x boiled rice (uncle bens) 2syns
2x muller lights
ix alpen light bar (3 syns)
1x200g fruit salad

2 pork chops (no fat) grilled
cauliflower, brocolli, carrots,
bit gravy (3syns)
1 x fate free yoghurt

then snacks i had
2 more alpen ligh bars (6syns)
another bananna
100g pineapple.

hex a milk for my tea

i only had 14syns and i can have 22 (bloke)

im just worried theres too much the same and too much fruit.

im better today as ive had ommlette for breck and ill have a jacket with beans for lunch, pasta and chilli for tea, hex b will be some shredded wheat this evening, hex a milk for my tea, and ive some bananas pineapple and strawberries for snacks.

oh and im on EE
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This sounds fine to me...though I'm a newbie so don't take my word as gospel!

I think that maybe you are having quite a few bananas - perhaps try to substitute a couple of them for other fruits and veg for variety?

But yeah, you sound as though you've got it sorted in my opinion :)
yeah I would also say all sounds good but I would cut down on the bananas as some people find they slow their weight loss quite a bit , I was having 1-2 a day and was staying the same , so now I have 1 every other day , and lost 2 lb this week .


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The plan you have sounds ideal - not sure about the 22 syns thing, right enough, unless your consultant reckoned you would be okay with that.

I am also a bloke :D but still on 15 syns per day.
yeah i thought that with 22 syns too, although thats what the conusltant said.

i remember years ago when i first did SW your syns went by your weight, and i had something daft like 32 when i first started.

i do try to stay away from banannas really, theyve just been handy to have in the office as tehy dont make much mess.
Bananas are great! I love bananas!

But like the others I would substitute some other fruit sometimes - there are some nice strawbs and rasps around at the moment.

BTW, I'm a bloke and only get 15 syns. I demand a recount :)


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When I started I used to have 3 or 4 bananas a day, when I cut this to 1 or 2 it made a noticable difference to my weight loss :)
I now eat more apples and pears (also handy for in the office), I tend to eat the "messy"fruit in the evening.
I've not been doing SW that long but I don't think you can have too much fruit.


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The plan you have sounds ideal - not sure about the 22 syns thing, right enough, unless your consultant reckoned you would be okay with that.

I am also a bloke :D but still on 15 syns per day.
You consultant can, at their discretion, give you more than 15 syns if for instance you have more weight to lose.

Oh and by the way I wouldn't recommend having 5 alpen lights in a day. That seems excessive to me and some people find that too many can lead to bloating.
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yeah the alpen light thing was a blip, i had a box in my drawer, there were magnetic biscuits in the kitchen at the office , and as i was feeling weak i thought it better to cheat on the alpen lights than the choc digestives and penguins.

apples and pairs are messy fruits for me too as i have a front dental bridge id ont like biting into really firm stuff as im scared of breaking it again, so i end up[ having to cut them up,


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In all the years I have been doing SW... joining and rejoining, I have never known anyone, male or female, being given more than 15 syns a day. Even the website saya 5-15! However, I guess, consultants may be given advice for other members.
With regards to too much fruit, for me, if I eat too much it has adverse effects, as does free yogurt.
When I first re started SW this time round, I stuck to plan 100% but ate a lot of fruit, particularly bananas and grapes, and muller lights and STS my 2nd & 3rd weeks. When I cut back on them the weight loss started happenning.
However, that is just me and it may work differently with others.


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The consultant at my last group said to me it was ok for me to have 15-20 syns as I've got so much weight to lose. That was 5 years ago and despite having even more to lose now the consultant in my new group has never mentioned having more than 15.

I'd be careful with the banana thing - I was having loads of bananas and my weight loss was a bit slow and I was advised to have no more than 1 a day even though they are free.

As for the other fruit, go for it, its free for a reason so take advantage of it, its much better then having all those alpen light bars, I'm sure that many even though they are synned or HEX would have a detrimental effect on weightloss.


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Regarding the Alpen Light bars, I was having 4 a day as my 2-HexB choices for quite a while (until I got sick of them a bit :D) and I still managed decent losses.

The plan will work differently for everyone, and you will find certain foods aid or negatively affect your weight loss, but your eating plan as above is absolutely fine.

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