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Can you please help... Anyone please :(

I have complteted lipotrim beore 100% I keep setting a date and starting in morning and never each dinner shake, so i havnt officially started yet. i keep changing the day, working my way round and crashing, i just need someone or a few people whom i can check in with 2moro. i am starting... again 2moro 22/05/11. i just need help, need to keep checking in to stay focused on my first day. i know that once that day is over i'll be flying. can anyone, somebody help me with my first day 2moro please, i feel tortured :cry:
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i have lost 7 and half stone last time round, i know im 100% when on it. i just never seem to reach beyond the first shake. i feel that i havnt cheated as i havnt really started. sorry to waffle, just feel that its so important to me to get one day under my belt. maybe i could just check in with people at certain times, sounds childish but i really think it would help me? :break_diet:
7 and a half stone, wow!
You had some determination last time so where is it this time?
Im on here all the time hun x


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You can't put off till tomorrow, just start the diet now...

The more you put it off the more your gonna subconsciously tell yourself your not gonna succeed, hence not make it through day 1....

You CAN do this... Remember the losses above all else... How it made you feel when you could see the difference, when others could see the difference! It's a wonderful feeling you have to admit..

Now go for it... Xx

Like you I have struggled to get back on it!!

My chemist was going to shock me with how much I put in in-between, but managed to persuade her not too!! I know I need a buddy. I'm on shake 2 but ate for breakfast as u couldn't get to chemist until late.

Bring on shake 3!!
Check in here after every shake tomorrow and let us know you are still 100%. We will all be waiting for your posts!!! Is that incentive enough?!?! lol
Thank you all so much, officially started 10:19 22/05/11. you are all an insiaration, im going to check in throughout the day if you dont mind, kind regards sarah.... ps, thank you :)


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well done you x
Hi Sarah:wavey:
wondering,how its going?
My first couple of days I had my shakes laid out,and decided exactly what time I was having them etc. I found this helped.

Good luck to you,you've done it before and you can do it again x
How you getting on?x


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Come on butterfly, make us proud !! Xx
You are very quiet Butterfly?
How did you get on butterfly? :)


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Hip hip horay for butterfly

Super well done Hun, when you didn't appear back I was a little worried for ya

Keep up the good work... Once the first few days are done you will be great xx


ok butterfly....... you need to do this for you..... and nobody else..... you don't need the help because you can do it.... why? COZ YOU DID IT BEFORE.... get that chin up and reflect on why you want to do this.... remember the feelings of sadness and negativity that excess weight brings..... harness those feelings and everytime you feel you're gonna blip.... bring those feelings forward and think is it worth that bit of bread/cake to feel ashamed, upset and depressed because you feel so out of control??? This was all me..... already in 11 weeks that was the OLD me..... now im happy, ready to join in life again.... proud to stand in my kids school yards instead of shirking behind all the yummy mummys...... health problems 50% gone...... delighted to receive party invitations... instead of cryin inside when one arrived and the torment started of what to wear...... it was only like yesterday when i started... and now im headin for week 12 on wednesday with nearly 3 and a half stone off...... you've done it before so you know this...... 7 stone odd is just exceptional and you must have been a very determined and focused person to do this... that person is not gone.... just a bit scared and nervous of what's ahead.... drag that inner sensational person forward and do this.... you know you can... good luck and stay on here it so helped me when things got difficult... everyone on here are such a bunch of fantastic motivational people... and before you know it... you will be on here in 3 months time helping a new person along...... xxxxxxxxxx

thank you, just what i needed to hear. You are absoloutly right, thank you for taking the time to help, it really means so much. I wonder if the people on here are ever really aware of how much of a positive impact they are on peoples lives?xx thank you

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