Can you replace a shake/soup with a piece of meat on Total Solution?


At the end of my first proper week I've managed to lose 8lbs. The thing is, I've had a piece of meat (mainly chicken) some evening as I've felt as though I needed something of substance.
It's now day 8 and the hunger hasn't really stopped. Am I doing something wrong? I had a bar for breakfast (one of the Tesco Ultraslim bars rather than exante) and I'm now about to have lunch, but could I have a piece of fish or chicken instead?
I do want to stick with the Total Solution rather than adding in meals...I'd just like the freedom of replacing some sachets with a piece of chicken or fish, but I don't know if you can really.
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Even if you do Working Solution, you still have to have 3 packs a day, so you can't really replace a pack with some protein. If you're absolutely starving you could have a little plain chicken or an egg or some steamed fish, but you'd probably be better off having an extra pack. If you really feel like you can't manage on just packs why not do Working Solution for a little while, it's a bit more calories but allows you to have a small meal as well. Doing total abstinance isnt for everyone. I do wonder if you're in ketosis though, you should be by day 8, but if you're still so hungry you may not be. Is it real hunger or just "I want something to eat" type hunger where you just fancy something? Have you had anything else that might have kept you out of ketosis? Chewing gum, diet coke or other drinks that have citric acid in them, anything with carbs in it? Any of those can stop you going into ketosis.


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Yep i agree with Jael... if you havent had anything that isnt likely to have knocked you out of ketosis then maybe its your body thinking your hungry because of the small bit of meat your having?


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I personally think total abstinence isn't for everyone. I did LL, and cambridge, and always struggled on both because I would eat protein. I still had the losses btw, but mentally, it's not great to feel like you're cheating, and it can ingrain destructive attictudes to food. This time round, I've gone for exante (cost wise) but I'm being upfront about my needs and opting for working solution. Like others have said, I'd try that for a few days and see how you feel :)


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S: 19st6.9lb C: 17st13.3lb G: 12st8.4lb BMI: 35 Loss: 1st7.6lb(7.91%)
Oh, I also meant to say, the main reason why you shouldn't just replace a pack with protein is because each pack includes vitamins and minerals essential to maintain your health. If you only have two packs, you're missing out on a third of your vitamins and minerals.


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If youre already replacing one Exante pack with a tesco bar you definitely can't afford to mess around with the others.

If you're doing TS then you have NO food end of story. Sounds as if its not the plan for you though so youd be better doing WS then you can have your chicken etc but you MUST have 3 packs whatever plan youre on.

Messing with the diet isn't going to speed your losses up any