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Can you still have coke zero?


Mere's Diary
I am having coke zero and Dr Pepper Zero as they do not have the citric acid in them. They have not knocked me out of ketosis. I have one of them as a reward for sticking 100% to TS all day. :D
Mere x

Yes I Can!

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I drink loads of coke zero, asda coke zero and dr pepper zero. I know I shouldn't drink as much as I do but I'm still in ketosis and have not had a problem with it. HTH :)


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Most peeps seem to be ok with it, but if it knocks you out of ketosis then either cut back or cut it out altogether. I have 1/2 cans per day and it hasn't affected my ketosis. It's nice to have something that isn't water! xx


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I tried it on two separate occasions but it made me v hungry and knocked me out of ketosis. Maybe it's because I don't drink any pop usually and my body got confused with the artificial sweetener. I've been fine on water with flavouring for a change.


miss yo yo
ive never heard of it knocking peeps out of keto so poor you Angel thats a bummer...ive gotta check the drinks thing on here and see if we can have the Tesco cherry cola zero.... have a bottle in fridge but not gonna drink it till im sure.....

i only have a couple of large glasses a day of dr pep zero ... i ban myself from having it untill ive drunk 3L of water... trivial but it works for me lol xxx


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Yep, def a bummer because its nice to have something sweet tasting, ah well, it would be dull if we are all the same I suppose :) glad it works for you. Good luck :)